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Welcome to a brand new, bi-weekly article series where I interview members of the Enix Origin community.  For this first installment, I interviewed site staff member Zacax: The Gunsmith.  During our interview, I learned what he likes about working as site staff, his recent projects in both art and writing, and who he would like to have pizza made by.  Continue reading to find out more about one of Enix Origin’s forum members.

First, allow me to thank you for clicking on this article. A lot of thought went into it, and I hope to make it a staple of the Enix Origin main site. So now let’s go over a bit about what this series is about. Each two weeks, I will be interviewing one member of the Enix Origin forum community. I will ask the member twenty questions, some serious and some silly. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin with the very first…

 TwentEO Questions

Spotlight #1 – Zacax: The Gunsmith

On Monday, November 25, 2013, I sat with EnixOrigin member Zacax: The Gunsmith and asked him if he would be willing to be interviewed for my article series. He was very nice and replied almost instantly with a positive response. Before I get to the questions though, how about some basic information about this EnixOrigin member, shall we? Zacax: The Gunsmith is a member of site staff here at EnixOrigin. Along with writing articles here on the site, he enjoys participating in RPs, writing original works, and making art through both tradition and digital means. During our interview, he even shared some of his pieces that will be featured later on in the article. And through some digging, I found a video he made showing a trailer of an animated series he is making which I will show you later as well. And now, the questions.

1. How did you come to find EO, and what made you become a member here?

Well, actually, I was a part of KHPlanet before most of us immigrated to this site. I heard word about a special project Vox said he and other staff members were working on a few months before EnixOrigin was finished, and this turned out to be, of course, EnixOrigin. I joined over here like everyone else on KHPlanet did, and I became a member and eventual staff writer.

2. What is your favorite part of being a member of site staff? Least favorite part (if there is one)?

Well I like how I get a chance to inform people about the latest news, and also voice my opinion through reviews. If there is a downside, it is balancing out my work and my life, and finding solid information to use for articles since as a journalist (per se), I need to do my best to bring the most information about something while making sure it’s true and not just fan speculation or already has been discussed.

3. You seem very dedicated to your work. What are your favorite types of articles to write, and what article of yours has been the most fun to write?

The reviews. When I get a chance to do a review or I find a good game to review, my favorite part is the research (and it also gives me an excuse to play a game and consider it a part of my job). Anyway, I think it’s the Final Fantasy VIII review, mainly because that was my first public review that wasn’t on a forum, and I thought I did good job on it.

4. A public review that wasn’t on a forum? Would you be able to link me to it to read it? And what is your favorite Square Enix game?

Sure thing, here it is I got a 64 when I was like 2-3, and the only game I had was Elmo’s ABCs. My favorite Square Enix Game has to be Kingdom Hearts II. I thought that game was so cool, and it’s still awesome to me to this day. It was a great sequel and did all the things a video game sequel should do. I would explain more but I fear it’s gonna take up the rest of the article, so, I’ll save my opinions for the review.

5. I liked Kingdom Hearts II as well. You recently wrote an article on Sora, and how he’s your favorite Square Enix character. Is he your favorite game character overall, or just within the Square Enix brand? If not, who is your favorite character among all video games?

Sora is just my favorite SE character. Now, my favorite video game character out of everyone I’ve played is Mega Man (Classic), aka, Rock Light. Mega Man has always been that one character I have seen that stuck out from most others. This is mainly because he is a little kid in a sense, who decided to stand up against a tyrannical mad doctor, and wasn’t even designed to fight at all. When he started out he was just a helper to his creator, but decided to become a hero to stop Dr. Wily when things were going wrong, even if it meant he would be harmed or worse, killed. No matter what happened he would always rise to the challenge, and not to mention, he has one of the coolest video game powers ever, to copy your foe’s powers and/or weapons.

6. I’ve never played a Mega Man game in my life. After what you said, it makes me think like I’ve missed out on something. Speaking of Mega Man, some of the art I saw when stalking researching you looked like something I might see in a Mega Man game. How about we talk about that now? What piece should we discuss first?

Actually, that was because that was concept for a Mega Man fan project, an anime to be more specific. It was supposed to be as close to the original designs of the cast from the Mega Man Universe so I think I did my job right there.EnixOrigin, Zacax: The GunsmithThis, for example, was some old concept for Rock Light/Mega Man in it, due to the fact the original concept of the anime was to be a retelling of the Classic series; but that was scrapped for a more original storyline since Capcom has already done that with Mega Man Powered Up. This piece you see is relatively old, and I’ve given Rock/Mega a newer design that was much more of a combination of the previous Mega Mans/Men. Most of the newer concept hasn’t been posted to my DeviantArt quite yet.

7. It looks amazing! From what I have seen of Mega Man pictures and posters, he’s always got some kind of helmet. I like that he has hair in your piece. And the hairstyle gives him more attitude and makes him more relatable. How was this piece done, by hand or digitally?

Actually, the no-helmet Idea was inspired by Mega Man Volnutt from the Legends series. Yes, in the original concepts he was supposed to have the AI age of 16-17, and even looked that; but as time went on, I decided to make him a bit younger in AI age and design to be closer to Classic’s actual age. So currently, his AI Age is gonna be 14-15. Actually, most of the concept you have seen (if not all) is done digitally with the aid of my Bamboo Tablet. I used Illustrator originally, but began to use Photoshop since it was easier to use.

8. Interesting. Is using Photoshop something you learned how to do as a hobby on your time, or did you receive lessons? And do you make art by hand at all?

Nope. Everything I have learned has been through myself, and only a couple of How To Draw Anime books when I was younger. When it came to Photoshop I learned it by myself and a couple of YouTube videos. When I was a kid I mainly drew on paper; in fact, I was the reason we were losing so much of it. I still do draw on a pencil and paper, but those are just sketches and most of my finished work is digital.

9. Oh, a self-taught man. Very nice work you’ve done so far. Would you mind sharing a couple more pieces?

Sure thing.

Enix Origin, Zacax: The Gunsmith

This right here is concept for the main character of one of my mangas called, Lieto Fine. His name is Zanebono Geomar and he is a wizard based off of myself (bit of nepotism but who cares). This was actually the closest I’ve gotten to reaching high quality anime work to be honest that is digital.

Enix Origin, Zacax: The Gunsmith

Now this picture itself is fanart for BIONICLE, I doubt many people on this site have heard of it but kudos if you did. Anyway this was based off of the old 2001 storyline and again, was another one of those experiments that managed to turn out good, specifically, the shading, a problem I always have encountered in digitally and traditionally drawing. The characters in this are Tahu (Red and Orange guy), Jaller (Yellow and Red), and Takua (Blue, Yellow and Red), and the Muaka (the giant monster).

10. BIONICLE is faintly familiar to me. I’ve heard the name, but never had the chance to immerse myself in it. Anyway, after looking at your profile page, I was going to ask what types of pieces you write, but since you already answered my question, I guess my next question would be if you could go into more detail about the three stories you’re writing. If you can release details about it. I know some writers like to keep things on the down-low until release time.

Well, only one of the three is actually planned on being a published piece, the other two are more experiments on DA, but may end up as actual stories. The first is Lieto Fine, which the idea came from a story I was writing dedicated to my late brother Caleb. Lieto Fine is a fantasy based Story that talks a lot about Hope and Faith, with characters and settings being based off of the Grimms Brothers stories, much like Once Upon A Time and RWBY. I don’t want to explain a whole lot because I don’t want to consume this article with how complex this story can get.

Another manga is called Dreamer Forever, which was actually centered around Creepypastas. The story itself revolves around a strange young man who named himself Chaos D. Creation (which is the actual process of thinking and creating), who appears to be hunting down a bunch of monsters, but his reasons are unknown. These reasons are of course MAJOR spoilers and are the focal point of the story.

The last one is called Guardian Angel. Now all the stories I do I have Christian symbolism, as I am a Christian writer, but this one is the most unambiguous when it comes to it, talking about Angels fighting Demons and stories from the Bible. The story centers around three Angels, Zacchaeus, Andromeda and Gideon who were once Cherubs but are now Angels in Training. most of the stories in first of the three thirds I have planned take place in the Old Testament. I know it’s very religious, but an artist can do what he wishes, yes?

11. Yes, an artist can do as he pleases. At least I think so. And each of those stories sound like they’d be very nice to read. So, when you aren’t writing for the main site, writing for yourself, or drawing; what are some things you like to do? Shows you like to watch? Other activities that you’d like to mention?

Well as stated before I play video games, I also watch TV and YouTube, most of the stuff I watch is either anime like Fullmetal Alchemist, Baka and Test or Cartoon shows like Gravity Falls and what not. Frankly I don’t like most of the stuff they have on TV (reality shows and sitcoms especially). I also work at my family’s Performing Arts studio and even take acting classes there as well.

12. The so-called “creative juices” must flow through your veins, as I see you are also an active member of EO’s RP section. How many RPs are you a part of here, and can you release any details on where you hope any of your characters will be going in those stories?

I take part in 4-6 RPs on the site I believe, and as for characters, most of it is just improv really. Plus, I don’t wanna reveal stuff mainly because people will get confused unless they take part or read the RPs I’m currently in. I do plan on trying to get back in actually making RPs but I wanna make sure I have a good idea that people will enjoy and go, “Yeah I totally wanna do that!” like the RP Reaper that Destiny made.

13. I find it fascinating that there are members here that participate in so many RPs. To have so many different characters to write as is something that I think is really neat. I am barely able to handle the two characters I write as, and they’re in the same RP; so juggling characters in different times and places baffles me. Now, I will be asking you several questions in a lightning round-type format. What is you favorite section of EO?


14. Describe yourself in 10 words or less.

Creative, odd, quirky, OCD, kind, caring, oblivious, gluttonous, and not-straight-foward.

15. What is your first memory?

Accidentally locking the door to outside and running from my parents to the neighbors when I was a little tyke.

16. Any pets? If you don’t, what animal(s) would you want as pets?

I have a Keeshond named Zoro, sibling cats named Jag (male and black), and Raven (female and calico) (previously we had a mynx cat named Sophie), two horses named Mayko and Sly, originally had three but Chief died and we used to own five turtles that made their way off into the wild.

17. You can have any food you want specially made by anyone (living or dead). What did you eat, and who made it?

Pizza and uh… Demi Lovato.

18. Everyone’s heard the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs outside”. However, one day it rains something just for you. What is falling from the sky?

Chocolate Rain.

19. You have one million dollars given to you tax-free and completely legal. What is the first thing you buy?

Buy an animation studio.

20. And finally…You are walking to the store. Along the way, you are jumped dark creatures called Shadows. What weapon do you choose to wield: A sword, a shield, or a staff?


Interesting answers. Well, thank you very much for participating in the first ever TwentEO Questions!

No problemo. :) Can’t wait to see the article!

So, there you have it. Now you know about one of members here at the EnixOrigin forums, and there’s a couple hundred more there for to get to know. And here’s that trailer I mentioned before.


Anyway, I thank you for reading this first installment of TwentEO Questions, and if there’s an EO member that you’d like for me to have an interview with, or if there are any questions you’d like either me or Zacax: The Gunsmith; just leave your responses in the comments section, and we will be sure to answer them!


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