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After dominated E3 2013, Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts are doing the right thing by giving the fans what they wanted for several years, kingdom hearts 3.  The trailer ( which can be viewed below ) shows off that the game is indeed in early stages of development and won’t be out anytime soon. Many fans have been optimistic suggesting that the game should be released by the end of 2013 or early 2014, I’m going to be realistic here and give you the truth. 

Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3

 Kingdom Hearts 3: What We Know

We posted earlier that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be exclusive to PS4 which comes to a shock for many fans of the game. The game will be available for the PS4 and the Xbox One console which should increase revenue for Square Enix. Recently Tetsuya Nomura had an Interview in which he told us what to expect from Kingdom Hearts 3 and when it takes place.  The game will take place after Kingdom Hearts 3D and is the last game in the ‘Dark Seeker’ saga. Battle system wise Nomura added,

“The action’s pretty frantic. The really bold action we’ve always had is getting even crazier. Kingdom Hearts III has three-person parties, but NPCs and other characters join the fight in each individual world, and the resulting action is really flashy and exciting. The enemy AI is a lot more intricate, too, and I think the gameplay will reflect that new dynamic balance. For example, there’s a foe that’s shaped like a vehicle, and Sora may jump on it and fly around; that’s already implemented.”

Lastly, we do know that the game is not being developed by the original team but instead by the Otaka Studio, read the full article here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date:

The truth is that the game IS in the early stages of development and we won’t be seeing it anytime soon, we will be lucky to see it at next year’s E3. Game development takes time and I expect the game to be released in Fall 2015 or 2016. Square Enix did mention that they will no longer keep their fans in the dark when it comes to gaming development, so we might be hearing a few things here and there. Let’s hope so at least. I wrote an article a few months back about the things that Kingdom Hearts 3 should include, check it out here and enjoy the video if you missed the E3 trailer.


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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Honestly, I think they’ll take until 2018. You know Tetsuya Nomura won’t release KH III until it turns out to be the way he wants it and exceed fans’ expectations. With that in mind, given that FF XV won’t be released earlier than 2015, I’d say 2015 is a realistic goal for them since there’s bound to be minor delays that may force them to take longer. We’ll be luck if KH III comes 2017 the latest unless Square Enix has made more progress than they’re letting on.

    • FFXV won’t come in 2015, next year at latest since development is finished. I doubt KH3 will take until 2018, we do know that they will give us teasers as the new president is against keeping the fans in the dark for so long.

  • khichehade

    If Tetsuya Nomura is still committed to release a kingdom hearts game each year. Then after the release of KH 1.5 this year, KH 2.5 ( even though it is not officially confirmed yet) will be released at the end of 2014 and then KH 3 in mid to late 2015. Also, I heard that KH III development team is not the same as FF XV team , so the crappy excuse that have been going on for years (which generated multiple spin-offs) is not valid anymore.

    • Sathil

      Where is this coming from? The games generally have a 2 year period before another release with a couple of 1 year stuff. If I remember right, original kh team is on XV while kh3 is being developed by BBS team. But I’m not 100% on it.

  • Sathil

    I’m fine with staying in the dark with relatively average development cycles. Long term development, I’d like a bone tossed to me a few times. Even if its just a simple “Its still alive and going strong”.

  • lol

    2018 I don’t believe it’ll take that long o.o