Top 3 Funniest Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement Reactions


So with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 there was bound to be some people video taping their reactions to teaser. So earlier today I went spelunking through youtube to search for the best ones, and well I’ve found them! It took me a while to even get off youtube because I was stuck just laughing at all the reactions. From hilarious breakouts of seizures to constant screaming for the announcement, here is Lizzy’s top 3 funniest Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement Reactions!.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Reactions







Those were the top 3 funniest videos I’ve seen in a while. I wish i would of video’d my reaction to the announcement because I guarantee you I was running up and down house sliding on the floor screaming praise be to Squeenix!!!!  Keep checking SEO for all of your Square Enix news. Also remember Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is coming out September 10th 2013.kingdom hearts 3 reactions See ya around!



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