Top 10 Favorite Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts Songs!


Love Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts music? Well so does Square Enix Origin! We ┬áhave thrown together a list of our top 10 favorite songs and musical pieces that were used in various Final Fantasies and Kingdom Hearts games. There are 10 of them, ranging from the amazing New World by Charice to the super famous Hikari(simple and clean) by Utada Hikaru. We wouldn’t be surprised if over half of these songs are any of your favorites as well. Here’s Lee Soon-kyu’s top 10 favorite Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts songs!

Our Top 10 List

10. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Charice – New World

final fantasy xiii-2 soundtrack – charice new world (full)

This song successfully tricked me in the end of XIII-2. I thought it was going to be all happy and conclusive, NOPE, WRONG, GET OUT OF HERE. Thank you Square for taking my expectation and then stabbing me in the childhood. I loved this song and it did what it was meant to do, give a false sense of security. Starting off our top 10 with an amazing song.

9. Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare

(2) Final Fantasy VII Music – Victory Fanfare

“DUH-DUH-DUH DUHN DUHN DUHN DUH DUHN-DUHN” lol Who doesn’t love this. I mean I can remember just sitting there at the victory screen listening to this over and over. Just loved it!

8. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Fate of the Unknown

Kingdom Hearst Birth By Sleep- Fate Of The Unknown

Remember watching that secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix online cause you couldn’t play the Final Mix version. I do, and I always kept going back to watch it not because of theories running through my head, but because of the music that played during it. Fate of the Unknown set the tone perfectly for the video and calling it anything short of a masterpiece is a crime.

7. Final Fantasy IX The Place That I’ll Return To Someday.

11-The Place I’ll Return to Someday ~ Melodies of Life [from FINAL FANTASY IX]

Now I’ve only played a little bit of IX, but I can tell you one thing, this song was amazing. And I’m sure all you Zidane fans out there will agree with me.

6. Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Theme

final fantasy 7 – chocobo battle theme

Yeah, the Chocobo theme….what else can I say. This funny little tune is one of everyone’s favorite no matter what version of it you listen to. (song takes 12 seconds to start)

5. Kingdom Hearts Utada Hikaru – Hikari(Simple and Clean)

Hikaru Utada – Hikari (Simple and Clean – Japanese – Kingdom Hearts Theme Song)

“When you walk away, you don’t hear me say!” Is what you would be hearing if this was the English version. In my opinion, the original Japanese version is a lot better than what we got. But don’t get me wrong the English version was grand, I’d just rather hear Utada sing it in her native language. But enough about that, this song is what got me wanting to play Kingdom Hearts in the first place. I was just instantly drawn to the song and said I need to play this game.

4. Kingdom Hearts II Utada Hikaru – Passion(Sanctuary)

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Utada Hikaru – Passion

Much like Hikari, Passion helped me continue to play into Kingdom Hearts II. And once again I prefer the Japanese version over the English. But who doesn’t?

3. Final Fantasy X-2 1000 Words

Final Fantasy X-2 – 1000 Words (English)

Now I wasn’t too much of a fan of X-2, the story was meh, and combat was eh, but he music was amazing. Much like Final Fantasy X, the OST for this game was grand. But to pick one out of the bunch, 1000 words sung in the game filled many people with emotions of love. This song definitely deserves the number 3 spot.

2. Final Fantasy VII One Winged Angel

Final Fantasy – One Winged Angel

Yeah Yeah, pretty much the most overrated musical piece out of the whole Final Fantasy series. But who cares. This song brought the emotions of how epic and terrifying Sephiroth really was. And I love how well it was executed!

1. Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand

To Zanarkand

I’m pretty sure you saw this coming. To Zanakand is a no contest winner for best Final Fantasy musical piece ever. Every day I thank Nobuo Uematsu for creating this masterpiece. And it wasn’t just To Zanarakand that was amazing, the whole FFX OST was the best out of them all. I don’t think anyone can argue with that, and if you do, well there’s really nothing I can do about that except frown!

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