The Possibility Of Frozen In Kingdom Hearts 3

The popular Disney movie Frozen has been trending on twitter with fans pleading for a possibility of Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3. Considered a strong fan favorite, Disney’s Frozen achieved a monumental milestone: it crossed the $300 million mark at the U.S. box office. So the real question is could there be any chance that we see a Frozen world or even a few Frozen characters in Kingdom Hearts 3?

frozen in kingdom hearts 3

Disney Fans Want Frozen In Kingdom Hearts 3

Worldwide, the popular Disney movie has made $642 million, second only to the Lion King among Disney’s animated films. And it is still raking in money – there is a strong chance it will surpass Despicable Me 2 to claim the title of 2013’s #1 animated movie. The original soundtrack for Frozen was the #1 album in the U.S. this past week. Frozen is only the fifth movie to do so, following Lion King (which really was insanely successful), PocahontasCinderella, and (oddly enough) 2006’s Curious George. Take a look at some of the tweets from fans tweeting about the chance of Frozen in kingdom hearts 3.

Those are just a few to illustrate the popularity of Frozen and how bad fans want it in Kingdom Hearts 3. It would be interested if Square Enix were to pull it off. What would you like to see if a move like that was to happen? Let us know by heading over to our Square Enix Origin community and sharing your thoughts about the possibility of frozen in kingdom hearts 3

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  • Ducked

    Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III is a “MUST”

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • DarkLegacy

      I agree

  • 2223

    Considering the huge success of the movie. Disney would have to be insane, not to include Frozen in some shape or form in KH3.

  • LostOdyssey

    I hope not

  • Mike

    depending on when it comes out, it might work. They said they were going to release a new Kingdom Hearts game every year after 1.5 came out. if they hold this true, this would put kingdom hearts 3 coming out in 2015. so, i doubt that frozen would in KH3 as it would be too soon and rushed. plus, they have to pick a story that would fit into the main story.

  • Andrew Dovahkiin

    Star wars world > Marvel World > Frozen world

  • Linny

    Elsa would make one badass party member.

  • Wan Yuan

    I know I’m not gunna be buying this game if they put frozen in it.

  • Potato

    I do not want a frozen world. The movie is very overrated way to much music and the plot is just generic


    see even donald said it frozen need to be a world

  • Christopher H. Carlton

    The hard part though is that is it possible… KH3 has been a long awaited game by me personally. It’s been known for a long time that the 3rd game would be coming out, but the thing though is that Frozen is a new Disney movie that’s been released. So honestly the odds are 50-50 because you have, hey we have our game plan, frozen wasn’t in it, we’re not delaying it anymore and don’t have time to add it in so it’s not apart, OR!!!…. hey frozen got incredible ratings and set records for Disney so we have to include this even if it wasn’t in our initial focus for the game.

  • Ducked

    Frozen had a good lesson in it, put family first basically. And Tangled’s villain was a old woman, but I’d still like to see both movies. But I’d prefer Frozen.