The Kingdom Hearts 3 2014 Release Date Rumor


The web is floating with rumors that a possible release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be “spring” 2014 and that an “insider” confirmed the news straight from Square Enix. Not only does this sound absurd; but there is absolutely no way Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 2014 due to the fact that it is in extremely early stages of development and the fact that Nomura himself said he was taking the time to promote the new Final Fantasy XV, a game he wanted to create for the longest time. Fans still believe that it will be out in 2014, despite the facts in front of them. Square Enix Origin is about to put the “2014 spring release date” rumor to a rest.

kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Box Cover Argument

Still remember this Kingdom Hearts III box that was released in early 2007 right? ┬áThe keyword in that question was 2007, a time where Square Enix wasn’t even thinking about Kingdom Hearts 3, a time where Final Fantasy Versus ( name at that time ) was still in development and was both Nomura’s and Square Enix’s main priority. The fact that people still use this fake cover box as a legitimate argument for why it will be released in 2014 just shows their lack of knowledge. Fake just screams at the box because why would the Kingdom Hearts 2 font be the same as Kingdom Hearts 3? Why wasn’t Kingdom Hearts font the same? the reason is because new is better and Square Enix has never repeated themselves when it comes to that. Also keep in mind that Square Enix likes having characters on their cover box, do you see any characters displayed on that cover box? The only argument a true Kingdom Hearts fan really needs to ask those who think it will be out in 2014 is why would they release the box cover without even announcing the game?

kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Box Two For The WII

This is also a obvious fake cover because some of the characters won’t even appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 and the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 will only be on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms confirms this as fake. Not to mention this cover books looks like it was made by a child, very amateur.

Final Thoughts

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts 3 release in 2014? Absolutely not, too early. Also you have to remember they have to test out the games and filter out all the buys, go back and fix those. Even 2015 is pushing it; a 2014 release date is certainly out of the question. At E3 2013, game producer Tetsuya Nomura told the fans to be patient and to not expect anything so soon, if that doesn’t confirm it nothing will.

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  • david

    I’m sure it will come out in 2015. Nomura has said that he will release a kh game every year. 2013 – kh 1.5 2014 – kh 2.5 2015 – kh3

  • saintloki

    wrong sir 1.5 is a 2013 release

  • saintloki

    missread that i appologize

  • NYH

    we’ve had continuous kingdom hearts game releases in the past for years plus the announcement of 2.5 remix coming in 2014 so its been 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014, so it would be suprising but I wont completely count out a 2015 release

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