The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora


The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora. One of the most beloved franchises ever created, Kingdom Hearts follows Sora as the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. His journey is loved by millions of fans across the world and we’re here to take you through Sora’s amazing and emotional journey. Every now and then we will pick a character and take you through his or her journey, through the bad and the good times. The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora is our first addition and we will take you through the life and Journey of Sora.

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora Birth By Sleep

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora

You see Sora as a child as he and Riku grow up together on Destiny Island, the two are displayed as best friends and great rivals. You see them running around the island battling each other with wooden swords, racing, and competing in other ways they can think of. The two end up meeting Aqua and Terra, two keyblade wielders. Aqua is friendly toward Sora, telling him to look out for Riku incase he falls into darkness. While Terra and Sora never speak to each other, Terra can be seen from a distance watching Sora closely in a curious sort of way. During this time Terra is unable to sense Sora’s potential so he focuses his attention toward Riku. Some time later, a young girl named Kairi arrives at Destiny Island from another world during a meteor shower. During this time Sora and Riku discover a hidden cave while in search of a ” howling monster “. To their disappointment they find a door thats unable to open, it is during this time that the two decide to leave the island in the future and seek adventure. As they leave, they decide to go meet this new girl… it is here that they befriend Kairi and the three become extremely close. This concludes the ” Birth By Sleep ” addition of The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora.


The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora Kingdom Hearts

Many years later, Sora, Kairi and Riku’s friendship becomes stronger while Sora and Riku’s becomes aggressively competitive. The three start building a raft in hopes of sailing and starting their adventure. Sora dozes off and has a weird dream where a voice is guiding him through a dark realm where he fights strange dark monsters. Riku often teases Sora about Kairi and his obvious crush on her, he convinces Sora to get a Paopu fruit and share it with Kairi. Sora ends up going to the secret place with the locked door, drawing himself and Kairi sharing a Paopu fruit on the wall. It is here where he encounters a hooded figure talk about the world being consumed by darkness and the figure continuously taunts Sora. That very night a severe storm hits the island, Sora runs out of bed to make sure their raft is still intact. Sora goes outside to find a strange dark force hovering above him. Ahead of him he sees the island overrun by dark shadows. Soon after Sora finds Riku, Riku tells Sora that the cave door has opened and it leads to an outside world. Riku begins acting strange and tells sora he is not afraid to enter the darkness. As Sora tries to reach toward Riku, both begin sinking into darkness. However, Sora receives the Kingdom Key, which dispels the darkness around him. Sora uses the keyblade to fight his way toward the cave where he finds Kairi. Before he can get to her, the locked door bursts open. Kairi disappears and Sora is blown outside where he faces a monster known as Darkside. Both get sucked into the darkness and Sora finds himself in a place called Traverse Town. In this town he meets Disney’s Donald and Goofy. The two were sent by King Mickey to find the wielder of the Keyblade. The three band together and travel to different Disney themed worlds, sealing the hearts of the worlds to prevent more Heartless invasions. Along the way the trio discover that Maleficent is controlling the heartless to capture the ” Princesses of Heart ” and use their power to open the door to ” Kingdom Hearts ” and rule all of the worlds. Soon after defeating Maleficent, the trio discover that Ansem has been using Maleficent and plans to attain the eternal darkness by opening Kingdom Hearts himself. This concludes ” Kingdom Hearts ” addition of The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora.

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora Chain of Memories

In Chain Of Memories the trio begin their search for King Mickey and Riku, they arrive at a place called Castle Oblivion where they meet a group known as Organization XIII which is made up of non-existent beings called the Nobodies. While in there, the trio’s memories are manipulated by a girl named Namine, who is forced to manipulate their minds by the Organization’s member named Marluxia. After defeating the Organization members the trio are put to sleep by Namine to regain their memories, though it is required for them to lose their memories of Castle Oblivion. This concludes ” Chain Of Memories ” addition of The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora.

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora

 The Journey Kingdom Hearts Sora Kingdom Hearts 2

Sora and his friends are awakened from their sleep and resume their search for King Mickey and Riku. Sora once again travels to many Disney themed worlds and resolves the troubles caused by the Heartless and Nobodies. They eventually reunite with King Mickey and encounter Xemnas, the nobody of Xenhanort and the leader of Organization XIII. They reveal that the Organization is after the power of ” Kingdom Hearts ” the sum of all the hearts that Sora released by destroying the Heartless with his Keyblade, to regain their lost hearts. With the aid of Axel, a rogue member of the Organization who was Roxas’s friend, the three arrive at the headquarters of Organization XIII and team up with their friends while defeating the Organization’s Xigbar and Saïx. At the top of The Castle that never was sora and his friends battle Xemnas and eventually beat him. They eventually get reunited with their friends at their home. This concludes ” Kingdom Hearts 2 ” addition of The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora

The Journey: Kingdom Hearts Sora: Something you didn’t know about Sora:

Square Enix ultimately wanted King Mickey to be the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, Disney wanted Donald Duck, but thankfully Tetsuya Nomura wanted a human to be the protagonist and chose a boy named Sora. All parties agreed and one of the greatest games ever was made.


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