Tetsuya Nomura Talks Disney, Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV


Square Enix and Disney are at it again! Sony came prepared during their Press Conference with a surprise announcement from Tetsuya Nomura showing of Final Fantasy XV and a small look at Kingdom Hearts 3, which is still in development. If you missed the trailers, we have you covered here. Square Enix Presents sat down with Tetsuya Nomura today during E3 and he discussed the origin of Kingdom Hearts and how it came to be, Nomura explains it was a long process but the outcome at the end was well worth the hard work. 


Tetsuya Nomura On Disney & Kingdom Hearts:

Square Enix presents started their interview talking about where the name “Kingdom Hearts” came from, how it originated and the problems they faced with it. Nomura responded with…

” Originally I wanted to find a title that fits Disney because its a Disney video game and when I first thought of this game I thought of Amusement parks, I wanted to create something that you can imagine through Disney land, I knew of the name animal kingdom at that time so Kingdom became the first name in my mind. The development team was calling the game ” Kingdom ” itself but I couldn’t get IP for that so I thought of ” Heart ” as a core part of the story, we just combined those together and were satisfied with the name Kingdom Hearts. “

The host of Square Enix Presents followed that question with how the collaboration with Disney came about. Nomura’s response….

” Originally our producer, Shinji Hashimoto became friends with a Disney employee, we had offices in the same building so he chatted with the people of Disney and both parties agreed that a game between the two companies would be great. Later on he came back to me and asked if this was something that would be successful, that is how ultimately the franchise begun. Our relationship with Disney has been great, we have been working with Disney for 10 years. “

Nomura On Kingdom Hearts 3:

The host asked about the battle system of Kingdom Hearts 3 and if it was anything that we experienced in the past games. Nomura’s reply…

” For the previous titles, especially Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, they were core games and I wanted to make sure I had appropriate involvement in the games, and for the spin off titles I wanted to experiment with new challenges and new styles. Since this is a core game, I feel like it is appropriate to have a core style. Kingdom Hearts 2 had a lot of praise for the battle system and Kingdom Hearts 3 will take some of that and implement it, the experiments we did do on the spin off titles were very well received and we would also like to include some of those into Kingdom Hearts 3. “

The host also asked if there will be any Final Fantasy characters in KH3 and will we get to play as King Mickey… Nomura’s response,

” Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 is something that is definitely under consideration. I definitely think it is time to include some real Final Fantasy characters. As far as playing as King Mickey, I know a lot of fans want to play as King Mickey so I am taking that into consideration as well. Sora is the main characters and it would be nice to have other playable characters and that again is under consideration. “

Regarding the worlds, Nomura said he definitely wants to have some stable worlds and some surprises. He actually wants to definitely implement a number of surprising worlds this time to KH3, so we should definitely anticipate them. Star Wars anyone?

Nomura was also asked about multiplayer in KH3 and if it was possible, he did say it was also in consideration especially during this time where multiplayer is popular.

More things he said…

  • Nomura said that in previous KH titles, we could summon Disney characters, but this will be different in KH3.
  •  We will also definitely see more of the Organization, since Master Xehanort is behind it and it won’t be the end of nobodies.
  • He was also asked if we would see the actual Kingdom Hearts and his response was surprising saying, ” I think it will appear “

Final Fantasy XV, Nomura’s Take:

During the interview a battle was shown between Noctis and a huge monster, the gaming is visually stunning and the battle system looks like what the fans have been asking for. We even saw glimpses of battles on walls, that’s right WALLS! The host asked why the name change in which Nomura responded,

” 1 to 2 years after Versus was announced we had long discussions of changing it to Final Fantasy XV because of the scale of Versus and the concept of the game so it was only appropriate to have it as Final Fantasy XV. About two years ago after still discussing it, we heard reports about new generation consoles so at this point it was only right to rename it. “

The host asked Nomura to tell us a bit about Noctis, Nomura’s response…

” Noctis is a very cocky guy and through the story you learn that really hes not as cool as he thinks he is. “

Not a lot was revealed about XV but Nomura said hang in tight because news will start coming in fast! Enjoy the trailer we have posted below.


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