Square For Microsoft Xbox? News Next Week!


lately there has been a lot of anticipation regarding news for Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the microsoft xbox. Rumors also picked up that Versus is being named to Final Fantasy XV and that it will be revealed at E3 with a possible release date, along with a new trailer. For the full article read here. Another rumor is that Square Enix might reveal details about Kingdom Hearts 3 and possibility for a mini trailer is never out of question. Square Enix has been teasing something big all week and a recent tweet showed that they will unveil something next week.

Square Enix Games For Microsoft Xbox?

Square For Microsoft Xbox? News Next Week!


The tweet shows that Square confirmed that they will release their teaser. Square Enix Teasing News Next Week is something a lot of Square Enix fans are anxious to see, is it news about a possible new Final Fantasy game? Is it indeed Kingdom Hearts 3 news? Or do we finally get more news on Versus? Stay tuned we will update you as soon as we find out more.



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