Square Enix Favorite? The Dream Picks Final Fantasy X!


Is your favorite Square Enix game Final Fantasy X? Well it is to The Dream! This week we asked The Dream, one of our main contributors to the main page, what her favorite Square Enix title was. Low a behold she chose Final Fantasy X, which is in my top 10 of favorites myself if I might add. The Dream here explains why she chose this fan favorite, her experience with the game, and what she expects to see Squeenix do in the future. Come and see what she said!

Final Fantasy X

final fantasy x

First Experience

Final Fantasy X was the second Final Fantasy game I had ever played (first game was Final Fantasy X-2). I had been hearing a lot about it and I really wanted to try it out. Of course I didn’t actually have a chance at buying the game, I rented it out at the good ol’ video store (not sure if the store is around any more though, or if they rent out PS2 games). I loved it. I couldn’t stop playing the game once I popped it into my lovely PS2. Otherworld became one of my favourite soundtrack tracks. I will admit though, being young and “n00bish”, I struggled in a few parts. Never finished it the first time I picked it up sadly. The game was special to me though, not just one of those great games you find every now and then. Despite being more sociable when I was young kid I was still isolated from other people. I had friends but I was always sheltered and kept away from other people due to growing up in bit of a paranoid family. Games were the things which kept me happy and ended up being a “friend” to me. They were special (and still are) and so Final Fantasy X earned a spot as one of my favourite games.

Why I love It!

It’s a great game! I love the different environments you go into, the different beasts you fight, the odd villains and enemies, the characters, the fighting system etc. I loved it all. Tidus was a cool protagonist. He was upbeat and positive but he didn’t have some fake personality most upbeat protagonists had. He had past which he acknowledged and he showed more emotions than just an obnoxious smiley one like most characters of his kind are forced to have. The friends he made were awesome too. Yuna, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka, Auron and even Kimahri were all cool. The graphics, back then, were pretty great too, though that’s just a side thing to me. The gameplay was fun, I loved the puzzles we’d encounter as well as the different approaches which could be taken in every fight.

What I want to see!

Well with the HD Remake Square Enix is getting out there I’m not sure what else I could want. From images we’ve seen it looks like they’ve done a really good job with the remake and that it’s not just a quick job snip snip job to get the game up on a different gen console. If anything I’m hoping that I personally can grab a copy of the game.

Such passion for a game. I do indeed intend to get my hands on a copy of the HD X and X-2 myself. Check back next week for my favorite Square Enix Title!


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