Square Enix Favorite? Denis Picks Kingdom Hearts!


Kingdom Hearts is one of the best games that Square Enix has created! At least, that’s what our site owner Denis thinks. This marks the first of our weekly article series “What’s your favorite Square Enix Title”. This week we started off with Denis, SEO’s site owner and one of our main contributors to the main page. We had Denis explain why Kingdom Hearts was his favorite title in all of Square Enix’s history. Read more if you want to find out!


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Kingdom Hearts

It was a really rough time in my life where I wasn’t able to do much because I had sustained a horrible injury from my soccer game. I could have potentially lost all of my scholarships and I was just an emotional wreck. At this time I wasn’t huge on gaming and I wasn’t able to get out and walk freely, I was on crutches and I found myself home just staring at the walls, crying like my future just went down the drain. Next to my bed laid this game, it had a heart on it and it was literally shining at me. The game was left by my friend who stayed over and forgot to take it home, apparently he borrowed it from him friend and just completely forgot it when he slept over my house. So I’m checking my drawers for the controller, I go through my racing games, sports games and gaming is yet again a huge bore to me… I turn around and the game, yet again is right there shining at me ( probably because it was close to my window ) so I pop the game in, the opening cut scene, the song it all gave me goosebumps. I found the hours just going by like it was nothing, I forgot all about my sadness…. all I could think about was finishing this game, helping this poor boy Sora find his friends. The game not only literally saved me, but it helped me forget about the little problems in life.


Why is Kingdom Hearts my favorite?

Because its the best game ever created, the story alone drew me in and of course Disney was involved. Donald and Goofy made every moment special to me, they picked Sora up during his rough times and they were there for him throughout everything. They made me laugh, they showed that they’re awesome friends and why they’re an important piece to Disney. Not only that, but it had some pretty awesome Final Fantasy characters, Cloud had a nice redesign and so did Sephiroth. The most I was impressed with was Squall/Leon dude just looked fascinating to me. The game also had a Coliseum where I would spend hours trying to beat Sephiroth, it was probably the most fun I had while staying inside. The game took you through the adventure, showed you some amazing Disney villains and you had the power to stop them and save the world. Its my favorite because it carried me through some rough times. This will probably remain the greatest game in my eyes just because I was attached to it on an emotional level. If you haven’t played it, BUY IT NOW!


What I want to see!

What I want to see is more of the same, beautiful music and an amazing story. I want more Final Fantasy characters and more opponents in the Coliseum. But most of all I want to be able to play as King Mickey, that has been missing from the first two games and it should be added. Another important thing that I expect is some more unique worlds such as Robin Hood, Jungle Book and a few other. I enjoyed the battle system and expect it to stay the same while adding a few new things to keep the players interested in the battle system. I also expect Square Enix to keep us updated to the status of the games development.


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