Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer


Recently Square Enix released a gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated game Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer was a tech demo of the early development stages of the game which showed Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting some heartless in Twilight Town as well as fighting the Rock Titan using what looked to be a Disney theme park attraction. Tetsuya Nomura sat down with Famitsu and answered a few questions relating to the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer


In an interview with Famitsu, which was kindly translated by SQEXGAL, Tetsuya Nomura explained some of the features that were shown in the trailer. First of which was the quality and the confusion on why Sora’s Keyblade turned into dual wielding guns.

 “Also, this is the first time that KH3 was shown using in-engine footage, but it’s not in a condition where viewers can fully grasp it. We’re going to improve the quality much more still after this. In the trailer you see 3 of Sora’s new moves, and they demonstrate the 2 attack systems, the first being Keyblade transformation. The Keyblade transformation is different for each Keyblade, and the battle style changes as well.”

Next he talked about how the Disney Attractions feature comes into play.

“The second is the Disney attraction inspired Attraction Flow. Attraction Flow is an evolution of Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Flowmotion. With Attraction Flow, you can choose which move you want to use against which enemies on the spot, and even during an enemy outbreak you control Sora’s attacks. These new actions are just a fraction of Kingdom Hearts 3′s new components, so please wait for information hereafter.”

So there you have it, from transforming Keyblades to Attraction Flow abilities, it seems that Kingdom Hearts 3 is starting off with a couple of big bangs. Thanks again to SQEXGAL at SQEX.INFO  for translating the interview. For more information on Kingdom Hearts 3 or any other Square Enix, stay tuned to Enix Origin. kingdom hearts 3


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  • Christopher Bourne

    It’s interesting that the rock titan is now the actual size it was in Hercules compared to the first kingdom hearts

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    YES! KH III is gonna be amazing!

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Agreed. :)

  • Snoozy

    If Attraction Flow is anything like Flowmotion then it’s gonna be shit. Flowmotion was horrible and just made combat a pain. Hopefully KH3 will be better. But nevertheless, OMG KH3 IS FINALLY COMING! SUCH WOW.