New Final Fantasy XV Info At Tokyo Game Show 2013


There has been a lot of new information about Final Fantasy XV and at this years Tokyo Game Show, we might just be getting a release date from Square Enix. Square Enix Origin predicted a new trailer from both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus which we all know now as Final Fantasy XV. A very reliable source emailed me personally a month before E3 that we would be getting new information and to everyone’s surprise, we did. Fast forward to today and we have confirmed information on a release date for the Playstation 4. While Final Fantasy XV was absent at this years GamesCom, it was expected due to Tokyo Game Show being a bigger and better place to share any new information and trailers.

New Final Fantasy XV Info At Tokyo Game Show 2013


Tokyo Game Show will be held September 19th through the 22nd and a source close to Square Enix tells us that we just might see more information on Final Fantasy XV with a potential trailer. The email didn’t suggest anything further but I have no reason not to believe it since that same source provided Square Enix Origin first class information that Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus news would be revealed at E3. To our surprise the news turned out to be completely accurate and I’m expecting the same this time around at Tokyo Game Show; we do know that Square Enix and other publishers love to share new information on games at TGS due to the popularity of it. What do you think? Will we see new information or a potential trailer of Final Fantasy XV at Tokyo Game Show in September? Leave us a omment below.


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  • Denis Advic


  • Hard Truth

    Would be nice if this turned out to be the case. Hope it is a valid source. After 7 years, it is about time we get a release window for this project. With the way it looks of late, even if we don’t get one at TGS, it is in the near future. Wouldn’t understand if it wasn’t though…Square has to keep up the interest in the game, no hiccups please.

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    I hope so I was hoping it would come out for Wii U so when I heard it was coming for ps4 and Xbox one I knew I needed a ps4 so i’m going to have to buy one now. i’ve been waiting on a release date since the first XIII game but wii u is awesome this gen they should put their games on their too or different exclusives of Final Fantasy. Can’t wait for this game hope it is good.