Most Wanted Final Fantasy Characters In Kingdom Hearts 3


Before Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at E3 2013, Square Enix Origin wrote an article titled Kingdom Hearts 3 keys to greatness where discussions began on what world’s should be included in Kingdom Hearts 3 what about the characters though?In this edition Square Enix Origin will look at what Final Fantasy characters should be included in the next game. The original games included characters such as Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa, the almighty Sephiroth and much much more. So how can Kingdom Hearts 3 improve on that? The answer is simple, more popular characters. Enjoy the list and let us know what you think of the characters and a possible role for them in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Most Wanted Final Fantasy Characters In Kingdom Hearts 3


Zidane – Zidane is one of the most underrated characters in the Final Fantasy franchise, not to mention Final Fantasy IX being the most underrated game as well, Zidane takes the role of a thief who blemishes into a lovable, caring character that we all fall in love with. The character is unique and different from what we experienced in other games and would be an excellent addition to Kingdom Hearts 3, maybe the possibility of him aiding you in battle or helping you steal an item, since after all he is a thief.

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Adelbert Steiner – Sticking with Final Fantasy IX, Steiner has become a fan favorite with his stocky build and silver armor. He is the leader of The Knights of Pluto and is originally assigned to protect princess Garnet. Steiner could be used in Kingdom Hearts 3 to protect Kairi and follow her around for a mission or two if she is to be a playable character, a lot of useful ideas for him.

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Kain Highwind – Kain probably has the coolest attire in Final Fantasy IV, he is mostly known for being possessed by Golbez and becoming cruel and extremely cold ( does that remind you of someone? ) Once freed from Golbez’s control, Kain is forgiven by Cecil and vows to atone for his past actions, a promise that carries over into The After Years, as he tries to vanquish his dark side and helps Ceodore. Kain could be used several ways to not only help Riku but guide him form his dark side.

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Vincent Valentine – Not only does he have the coolest name, but the guy has amazing attire. Dark and brooding over his past experiences, Vincent conceals many secrets. He speaks in a cryptic manner, when he talks about his past, calling his traumas “‘sins”. he has an extremely cold personality, at one point Cloud even admits he thought Vincent didn’t care about the planet. He is loner and a former ally of Cloud, which is more of a reason to put him in Kingdom Hearts 3 with Cloud.

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Cecil Harvey –  Cecil was raised by the king or Baron, which initially caused friction between him and the young Kain Highwind. Kain thought Cecil received special treatment and wanted to fight him, so you could begin to imagine how awesome it would be to have both Kain and Cecil in Kingdom Heart 3, although this is highly unlikely to have both… we can dream.

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Kefka Palazzo – Also known as Lord Kefka upon ascension to godhood, he is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy VI and is the only Final Fantasy character thats extremely frightening. While most Final Fantasy bad guys are cold and bent on their goals Kefka is loud, short-tempered, maniacal, and destructive. His popularity among Final Fantasy fans as a villain is rivaled only by the almighty Sephiroth. Kefka is known for his many one liners, almighty appearance (which has become something of a tradition in the series), as well as his sociopathic hatred of everything in existence. His dark humor and jester like appearance have earned him the nickname “The Psycho Clown” among fans. What a villain he would be in Kingdom Hearts 3, could you imagine Kefka getting control of the heartless and ruling the world?

This concludes our Most Wanted characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 list, tell us what you think and who we left off.


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  • Kristy

    Im totally for Zidane! More Characters from older FFs were nice, too! But please, no Character from FF13 or 12! Especially no Lightning!

    • Zephyr Halos

      Zidane is awesome.

    • Isashi

      what’s the matter with 12? i like vaan

  • GloriousBoss

    Kefka was from FFVI not FFIV

  • Axven

    I could see Goldor being a hidden boss or the Priestess of the Water Crystal being a character in Traverse Town or being an alternate form of the Moggle Shop.

  • Twilight Sparkle

    This is pretty exciting. I’m glad Square Enix didn’t feel the need to add “only the main characters” of FF games.. I know FF6 doesn’t have a main character, but Tina/Terra would have been called that anyway.. They put Setzer in KH2 instead which was awesome. I’m hoping maybe Final Fantasy Tactics makes a cameo.

    Ramza could work.. Still searching for his sis :P The way cloud was searching for his “Light”.
    Delita? maybe not.. He’s more concerned about his Kingdom.
    Izlude would be wicked cool. He’s not really a bad guy, just on the wrong side. Perhaps Izlude needs to see “The Light”! Sora must show him the error of his ways!!!!

    • GarySpatzScam .

      Seems Izlude has a big fanbase for Kingdom Hearts, at least they thought so as far back as 2006?

      PS I don’t think izlude is worthless, it’s just the name of the YTMND someone made xD

      • TheOffensiveuser

        That is F*ing cool!! Who made that???

  • Pooper

    You can bet that Lightning will be in there. I quite liked Vaan and Kefka. However … ZIDANE SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THERE AGES AGO! What the hell are you playing at S-E?

    • Zephyr Halos

      Maybe they’re saving the best for last?
      *mumbles to self* though if that were true then they wouldn’t have put Sephiroth in yet…

      • XTheAlmighty

        Sephiroth is overrated in my opinion.

  • bob

    bring tidus back

  • FashionMage_X

    Rinoa? They always just reference her. >_>;

  • KHfanatic

    If Zidane gets a spot hopefully so will Kuja!!

    • William Cox

      I love the role Kuja got in the parody video that I saw years ago. He had a shop in Traverse Town where he was selling Black Mages.

  • William Cox

    I can see Zidane having a role as some random thief in either Twilight Town or Radiant Garden that steals Sora’s Munny and you have to chase him down and when you catch him you have to fight him.

    I can easily see Steiner being a guard of Radiant Garden like Aeleus and Dilan were. And being in Kairi’s storyline makes the most sense.

    I’d rather have Cecil rather than Kain so that he can teach Riku how to bring out the light inside like Cecil did before from becoming a paladin from a dark knight.

    I don’t see how Vincent could fit into the story at all to be honest.

    I don’t see how Kefka could fit in either unless he was an optional boss like Sephiroth was.

    I’d like to be able to go to Destiny Islands though and possibly have an optional boss against Jecht possibly being there and Sora thinks that he’s going out of line with how he’s treating Tidus.

  • Jennifer Gross

    Irvine I love the Ivine/ Selphie pairing it my fav ff8 pairing

  • Linny

    VINCENT PLZ they put in Zack and Auron already so please give Vinnie his time to shine TT3TT and NO LIGHTNING PLEASE

  • XTheAlmighty

    How about Tiz from Bravely Default? Or are we not counting side games?

  • Galeden

    With the exception of Vincent(over half the FF characters are already from 7) I agree with the entire list!

  • Jae

    You know, I kinda want to see Sazh from FFXIII. He’s a really likable character.

  • Obito Uchiha

    Kefka , Agree for Secret Boss

  • Mario

    I think kain would do wonderful in kh3