Lightning Returns Demo Hits Japanese PS Store Along With Some DLC!


Wanting to try out Lightning Returns? Well, if you have a Japanese PSN account, you can! That’s right–Sony just released the demo version of Lightning Returns, but at the moment only in Japan. A costume pack has also been released for people who have the full Japanese version. 

Lightning Returns Demo and DLC

According to Nova Crystallis and fans tweeting it across the internet, a Lightning Returns demo and DLC pack was just released on the Japanese Playstation Store. There’s no news as to when the demo will hit America and Europe stores but rumors and speculations say it’s soon. As for the DLC, that obviously wont be out until after the NA release.

lightning returns


The DLC pack contains three premium costumes, one of which looks like it is decorated with Moogles. For people who have Japanese accounts the price of the DLC pack is 1000 yen, which is roughly around 10 USD, or you can buy them separately which is around 4 USD each.

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