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Although Kingdom Hearts 3 is not in development yet, there is a sense of fear throughout the internet that the game could end up a huge disappointment. ¬†As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m here to offer my input on what KH3 must have to be equally better than it’s predecessors. Kingdom Hearts | Keys To Greatness.

Worlds we want to see

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Keys To Greatness John Carter

Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of novels, Kingdom Hearts would fit right into the universe of green Martians and huge creatures. John Carter would join Sora and company in combat and assist them through their mission. John Carter who was portrayed by Taylor Kitsch in the movie would most likely do the voice over as John if the price was right.

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Keys To Greatness Robin Hood







Disney’s Robin Hood has been a popular pick throughout the internet; fans have been begging for a stroll down Nottingham. There are no limits to the ideas that can be used in the story: the perfect conflict setting, the castle, the woods, and even the fairgrounds. King John and Sir Hiss could bring a lot of humor and action in the game, keeping the players on their toes. We can only hope that it will be a world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Jim in treasure island







Another popular request has been Treasure Planet which follows the story of young Jim Hawkins who dreams of life filled with adventure and discoveries. Remind you of someone? The end boss could be John Silver and having Jim as your combat partner is always an adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Keys To Greatness Jungle Book








Jungle Book another popular request has also been mentioned a lot. It could be used much like Tarzan’s Deep Jungle. Jungle Book was supposed to be a world in Birth By sleep during its production, but a sudden change in the game removed the world. Maybe it was meant for bigger things? We’ll hopefully find out!

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Keys To Greatness Toy Story









I don’t think anything needs to be said about Toy Story. Having the whole gang guide you through your mission by switching from Buzz, to Woody to others would be fascinating to have. There are a lot of possibilities you can go with when it comes to this story, not to mention the side quests. I’ll be surprised if Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t have Toy Story.

We should probably include Pixar in this conversation, pretty much anything Pixar would be amazing but I’m unsure if they’ll go that route. Although, having Monsters Inc in the game would make for an interesting scene.

More Final Fantasy Characters

With characters like Leon/Squall, Sephiroth, Yuffie and Cloud in a game, how can anything go wrong? Having Final Fantasy characters in the previous games was one of my favorite aspects of the games. In Kingdom Hearts 3, we want more! I would love to see Lightning, Snow and for the love of god just give us Vincent Valentine already! What about villains though? Kefka would be nice, Seymour or even Chaos. If done right, this could be a game changer seeing some of your favorite older Final Fantasy villains and heroes in HD.

The Coliseum

Yup, that’s right one of the best thing’s about Kingdom Hearts was owning every challenger who stepped ahead of me. Facing Sephiroth and Ice Titan were both challenging and took time, something that most of the fan-base dedicated their time to. We don’t want to be able to plow through every opponent, we want that aggression and button smashing fun! Some Final Fantasy villains would make outstanding opponents in the coliseum. I expect this to be a thing in Kingdom Hearts 3.

More Drive Forms

Probably one of the coolest things in the games. Every drive form had a purpose and while using them, you felt in total control. Leveling up drive forms took time and nobody cared about time spent because the end reward was totally worth the training. I would love Kingdom Hearts 3 to have more than six drive forms, maybe add it to where you have to do side quests to earn newer ones, add some puzzles etc…


Let’s face it, we all thought about having a friend or brother/sister playing by our side. If Kingdom Hearts 3 could accomplish this, it would change the face of Kingdom Hearts. A complete multiplayer compatible plot would be preferred. Possibly one could control Sora and the other could control Donald, Goofy or another character. I can already see myself playing with my sister as she has my back, fighting our way through hundreds of heartless. Why experience Kingdom Hearts 3 by yourself?

New Gear

This is probably something that’s already going to happen, but new gear is a must. I think Riku needs an improvement most of all, he went from looking super bad ass in Kingdom Hearts to looking just plain later on. Kairi & Sora both need something that stands out as well, maybe having a shop system where you could buy your own clothes and create your own looks. This is something I don’t expect but would be and interesting addition. It even opens up more side-quest ideas to unlock gear.

Main Story

The story for the first two games blew me away, there were so many twists and turns that I could never have imagined or predicted. The story made me feel a lot of different emotions and at the end, and I was upset that it was all over. I expect this from Kingdom Hearts 3 without a doubt and I’m confident that they will not disappoint. Hidden endings are also a must in my eyes. Maybe unlocking everything in the game reveals a secret ending to a possible fourth game (If we even feel like waiting that long!)

Final Words

There’s no doubt that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the most anticipated games of the year. Heck, it will probably win several awards despite the fan-base ratings! Expect sale record to be obliterated, expect lines to be filled with people and hold onto the moment where you hold the game in your arms. Kingdom Hearts 3, if following those keys above, will be a fantastic games.


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    With the worlds you want to see and the addition of multiplayer…..I’d say you want to RUIN Kingdom Hears