Interview With Moe Charif The Deus Ex Human Revolution Short Film Director


The director of the Deus Ex Human Revolution short film Moe Charif discusses the challenges and process of making the very impressive short film that has captivated the internet. Charif as shown on his interview below clearly is a huge Deus Ex and Adam Jensen fan and really wanted to take his time on creating the character to life.

Moe Charif Insight And Struggles On The Deus Ex Human Revolution Short Film

moe charif

The interview with Moe Charif is below in which discusses the struggles of making the project and how he got his team together.

“As I played through the levels of Human Revolution, I was fascinated by the game’s concept and what I thought was a very realistic approach to how our future as humans could possibly soon unfold. I was also greatly drawn to the character of Adam Jensen who faces some unorthodox but major complications in his life.

I wanted to bring the character of Jensen to life, and with the help of Eidos Montreal, Square Enix and Machinima I was able to produce this fan film, along with producer Giovanni Mancini and DP Angel Barroeta, a 13 min film that depicts the story of Jensen and Megan while also tapping into Jensen’s inner struggle as he deals with the conflict of his own identity.

One of the biggest challenges was to get the visuals right. Jensen has two robotic arms which would need to be shown throughout the movie. The challenge is making them look real but also tracking them on to the actor so they don’t look out of place. I quickly enlisted the help of my friend and visual effects guru Mauro Rondan. We worked together on such effects in TNT promos I had directed a year prior. The process was not an easy one, but with great determination the film was shot in 7 days and we were soon in the trenches of post-production

There were many things that needed to go right for this to happen. We had a greatly talented team and it was always a collaborative effort between all departments; costume designs, stunt coordination, camera and grip, make up and special effects amongst others. I am very thankful and lucky to have had such a talented team bring this to life”.

What did you think about the interview with director Moe Charif? If you haven’t seen the short film we have provided it below.


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  • PUA – SVM

    I loved it. It was so awesome. You could feel the DeusEx vive throughout the film. I would like to see a major full features film too.