Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Be The Most Expensive Square Enix Game


An unofficial Final Fantasy XV twitter source posted a tweet that the game is expected to be the most expensive project developed by the Square Enix team. The game has been in production for 8 years now and earlier this month its been confirmed that voice over work is yet to begin.

Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Be The Most Expensive Square Enix Game

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We reached out to the Final Fantasy XV twitter account to give us an estimated number, so we’ll definitely keep you updated on that.

According to the games director Tetsuya Nomua, the story inherited the foundation of the world of Final Fantasy XIII and Type Zero, and is rooted in the mythology of Fabula Nova Crystallis. The world itself is different and original because it has a more modern feel. The story is simple: about heroes that go to recover the crystal stolen by the enemy, but it mixes with the relationships between characters to create a plot appropriate to Final Fantasy. 

If you haven’t stayed up to date with any news regarding the game check out an official interview with Tetsuya Nomura where he talks about the game, features, and where it is now. Its understandable that an eight year project would be the most expensive game they’ve ever made because no other game has been such a secret and took so long to make. According to Nomura, the characters in Final Fantasy XV are so unique and filled with rich backstory that it gives the game more of a cinema look. Let us know what you think about the rumor.


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  • Steven Solidarios

    Just make FF7 for PS4 and spend the money.

    • Massacred

      I think we need to let Sony know they should fund this

      • Kamille

        Sony only cares about Triple A western games now.

        • Jon Turner

          How about Nintendo then?

  • NoctX85

    Can`t wait any longer for this

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think the rumor is true but SE will never confirm it publicly until years later.

  • Neil Riley

    I’ll be happy with a HD remake of FFXII for PS3 / 4 / Vita Thanks

  • Blackmaile

    Why is this a surprise. The game was meant to be on PS3 (Exclusive) Then they scrapped and built the game from scratch with a new engine for PS4.. AND Xbox one. No big budget FF has ever done this..
    Also this game looks like it has the potential to be THE new age FF7. Even though i would LOVE a turn based FF i love the KH battle system

    • Kamille

      FFXIII started as a PS2 game you know.

  • Over

    After watching a video with its combat, I can say I won’t even try this game. I miss the turn-based combat that this series had until FFX.

    • NoctX85

      Hey you, you have turned based games …..just get you`re 8 7 on steam and now X on hd on and play this for the rest of you`re life, because this is the future!!


    Is it going to be an RPG this time like what made the series popular? Or will it be a horrible Movie/button bashing hack n slash like 13?

  • Zak

    I hope they expirament with making it a live action game, rather than turn based.

  • Green

    Well duuuuh its taken them like 50 years to make the damn thing >.>

  • John Frazar

    Can’t imagine why this is. Oh, wait, it’s because they announced it 8 FREAKING YEARS AGO ON PS3!!!!!!!!