Final Fantasy XIV Will Support Remote Play On PS4


According to recent reports coming from IGN, Final Fantasy XIV will support remote play on the Playstation 4 console which has been a topic of discussion as of recently on social networks. Originally back in February Sony revealed that the remote play functionality would be available from day one; whether that is still the case remains to be seen. Earlier this week, Square Enix announced that early Final Fantasy XIV players will receive compensation for their horrendous server troubles, and this remote play news could be an excellent thing for next-gen console players. Square Enix Origin has more from game director Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XIV Will Support Remote Play On PS4

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Final Fantasy XIV Game director Naoki Yoshida thinks players will want to experience dungeons and raids on the big screen explaining,

“But like, when you’re all, ‘let’s form a party and go to a dungeon!,’ then you go sit in front of your monitor and enjoy playing that on a big screen. In that regard, you can choose your play style.

“Depending on whether you feel like playing at a certain time or on a certain day, you can select between relaxing play or giving it your all. I think expanding those options is itself something new.”

The Playstation 4 is not due to launch until 2014 in North America and we will continue to update you on remote play functionality as we get more details. Head on over to our Square Enix Origin community to discuss your view on remote play or just simply make a comment below.


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