Final Fantasy XIV: Using The World Transfer Service


Final Fanasty XIV will soon introduce the world transfer service which will allow you to move from your world to another world of your choice. Although normally this is a fee-based service, as an apology to players for the aforementioned issues Square Enix will be offering this service free for the first five days. We have some tips about remote play and making sure your transfer goes smoothly.

Final Fantasy XIV Using The World Transfer Service

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What is the world transfer service? As mentioned previously the world transfer service will allow players to move from their world to another world of their personal choice. Here are some of the things to be aware about,

  • A single transfer is a one to one transfer from your original world to a single destination world of your choice.
  • If it’s a single destination, you can transfer up to eight characters at once.
  • In the event you would like to move character #1 to world A, and character #2 to world B or C, you will have to perform two world transfers.
  • In order to transfer, the below requirements need to be fulfilled:
    → You cannot belong to a Free Company (If you do belong to one, please leave the Free Company).
    → Make sure the character you wish to transfer is logged out.
    → Make sure there are no items being sold on the market boards.
    → There will be a limitation on the maximum amount of gil you can bring into the destination world.

More information will be released soon but we do know that it will be possible for players to move from a new world to a new world, a Legacy World to a Legacy World, and a new world to a Legacy World.

Benefits of transferring Worlds

The key thing to remember about transferring worlds is that it’s mainly used to connect with your friends. The world transfer service will allow you to meet up with your friends and play together. On top of that, the feature really allows you to move to another world that you like based on many things: name, players etc…

In the event that you the player use the World Transfer Service and the destination World is one with a large population or maximum population, login restrictions may be enacted during each region’s peak time, which falls between 9 p.m. to midnight according to Square Enix.

Restrictions Using The World Transfer Service

Are there restrictions using the world transfer service? Absolutely! According to Square Enix, in order to prevent the transportation of RMT gil, there will be limitations on the amount of gil that you can bring over to the destination world. This is a critical specification in order to protect the economic conditions on each world, so before you transfer be sure to please keep this in mind. In the event you transfer worlds and you exceed the gil limit, the amount that exceeds the limit will be completely lost.

Also, make sure that if you and your friends are transferring to another world, always be sure that the world is not over-populated so you all are able to get in without any problems.

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