Final Fantasy XIV can be upgraded from PS3 to PS4!


Feel like you may want to switch your Final Fantasy XIV: ARR from your PS3 console to your new PS4 console? Well you can, and for free! Square just announced that you will be able to upgrade your PS3 version of FFXIV to the PS4 and, in addition, for no cost at all!

Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

With the release of FFXIV last month the member base has grown exponentially. Obviously there were a few hiccups with the servers and the miscalculation on how many people were actually going to play the game, but recently Square has fixed all that and has given the players free weeks!

Now, according to IGN and Square themselves, SE will be allowing free upgrades from the PS3 version of FFXIV to the PS4 version for anyone who wants to do a complete switch to the PS4 when it releases. This is a great move on Square’s part in our opinion. Also, Square has announced that they will be having a beta test of the PS4 Final Fantasy XIV on February 22nd of next year, so everyone who is planning on playing the PS4 be ready!final fantasy xivLeave your questions or comments about Final Fantasy XIV: ARR below or join our Square Enix Origin Community. Stay tuned to SEO for more Square Enix news! Have a great day!



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