Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Awoken Patch 2.1 Trailer


For those of you who have been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, be aware that the 2.1 patch that is to be released December 17th. This patch includes some major add-ons to the game like the Crystal Tower Dungeon and the Wolves Den PvP Arena. As a fellow XIV player it’s obvious how excited you all must be. To further that excitement Square just released a trailer giving a little more than a glimpse of what is to come that you can find down below.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Awoken


This upcoming patch adds more than just a dungeon and an arena–it brings a whole new world of things into the mix of Eorzea. Let’s go over what is shown in this video.

  • The 24 man raid on the Final Fantasy III Crystal Tower. This feature allows you to solo or you can bring 7 other people with you to join 2 more groups of 8 to explore and take down the enemies that are with in the Crystal Tower. Shown in the video it seems that each group will split up occasionally and meet back up with each other to fight various bosses.
  • The Wolves Den, a PvP arena where you and 3 others can fight as a team against another team to rise in the PvP ranks or to just test out your skills in your preferred class.
  • Areas in which you’ll be able to set your Free Company house into. There are three areas: Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul’dah. Right after that it shows the different types of houses and decorations you can put on your FC house. There are special features that can be done within your FC house which will be explained on December 14th during another Letter from the Producer LIVE.
  • A trial boss battle against the Moogle King and his Moogle friends who seem to be the different classes of the game.
  • Beast Tribe daily quests you’ll be able to do to build a reputation with each beast tribe and to further relations with them.
  • A treasure hunting feature that allows you and others to go treasure hunting, but be warned–who knows what you’ll find.
  • The new barber feature where you’re able to change the appearance of your character’s hair.
  • A new quest line dealing with a zombie investigation.
  • The new dungeon and the various hard mode dungeons of existing dungeons like Sastasha and Copperbell Mines.
  • The new difficulty for the primals, EXTREME MODE. If you thought Titan Hard Mode was difficult… you haven’t seen anything.
  • Ultima’s Bane Hard Mode Trial.
  • Lastly, this patch continues the story of our adventurer with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Other features include types of class reworks, the duty finder including an gear check feature, and various other add-ons. This patch seems to be chock full of fun things. Remember, this patch doesn’t hit the game until December 17th. Keep a lookout here or anywhere else for the next Letters from the Producer LIVE on December 14th which plans to show how Final Fantasy XIV remote play will work on the Vita once the PS4 version comes out, along with many other features coming our way in 2.1.

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