Final Fantasy X HD To Include X-2 On PS3


One of the most anticipated remakes of 2013, Final Fantasy X will also include a copy of Final Fantasy X-2 on the PS3. On Vita, the two games will have to be bought separately.  According to a report from Gematsu, the news was confirmed in Japanese magazine Shonen Jump. The news confirmed that the remake of Final Fantasy X and a copy of X-2 will be released in 2013. What do you think of  the idea for Final Fantasy X HD To Include X-2 On PS3?

final fantasy x

Final Fantasy X HD To Include X-2 On PS3

Final Fantasy X remake was first announced at TGS in 2011, but any further news has died down until now. If you are wondering if X-2 will be remastered the news is still unknown, we have reached out to Square-Enix and we will update you on further news.

Final Fantasy X met the company’s expectation by reaching over the four million mark in sales the same thing cannot be said about the other Final Fantasy games which is why X was destined for a remake. Final Fantasy X was also the very first Playstation 2 game to reach the four million mark during it’s time.


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