Final Fantasy Tactics S Launches In Japan For Android, IOS


Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy Tactics S in Japan for the IOS and Android. Tactics S is a free to play spin off and is now available in Japan for those fans who have been anticipating it for some time. The original 3D game was released as Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation in 1998 and it was later released again for the Playstation network in 2009.


Final Fantasy Tactics S Launches In Japan For Android, IOS

Final Fantasy Tactics S:

We have posted the latest trailer below that features characters and teases many more mysterious figures that will be featured in the game. It also showcases the 3D isometric game’s maps, turn-based combat, special attacks and many of the boss battles. Tactics features more than 300 character jobs from the grid based strategy series and it includes two new ones in the form of an Magician and Air Samurai. One of the many neat features is the abilities to have clans. You can build up your clans for use in both single-player quests and in multiplayer battles against other clans, with online tournaments held on a daily basis, the game appears to have included everything the fans have expected.

We have a featured article that had Square announce their dedication to bringing games to not only smartphones but other devices such as Ipad. This is one of their steps and seems like they mean business with this statement. Final Fantasy Tactics S is out in Japan now, but not release date has been set for west. We will keep you updated as we get more information.




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