Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PS4?


The last few years fans have showed their desire for a remake of probably one of the most beloved games in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 7. Former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada turned down all speculation over a possible remake due to the fact that there were other projects in the works and a remake was out of the question until they made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FF7. Although he never ruled out the possibility of a remake, he just simply stated that there was no plans as of yet. But that was then and this is now, Yoichi Wada is out and Yosuke Matsuda is in. Does that change anything?


Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PS4?

final fantasy 7


According to a report from Andriasang Yoichi Wada was quoted to saying ” we’ll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we’ve made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII ” during a shareholder meeting. While that doesn’t sound discouraging he added, ”  If we were to release a 7 remake right now, the FF franchise would be done with ” I couldn’t disagree more with this statement but the biggest concern in my opinion is the budget that would have to be added for a game as huge as Final Fantasy 7, he continued by saying ” While the staff would happily make an FFVII remake, this is something that if they decided to do, they’d have to give it their full effort. “. By full effort they obviously mean with a large team that would take their time and dedication to perfect the remake, which again always falls back to money.

In Comes Yosuke Matsuda:

After Yoichi Wada stepped down fans once again entered the prospect of a remake happening yet again to help Square Enix regain profit after losing out yet again in gaining profit for the quarter. Mr. Yosuke Matsuda served as Corporate Officer of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Matsuda has been Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings since March 18, 2013 and served as its Director. Yosuke Matsuda was asked about the possibility of a Final Fantasy 7 remake and decided not to comment on it, this is neither bad or  good news. Recently however, Square Enix announced a ” big ” Final Fantasy game in the works for the Playstation 4, the word ” big ” was quoted for whatever reason and all we can do now is speculate on what it is. A tweet followed several days later. The tweet can be shown below and the buzz in Japan is that the game indeed is Final Fantasy 7.  No official word from Square Enix but I expect the remake to appear in the next generation console regardless. What do you think is the ” big ” new game in development Final Fantasy 7?

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Update 6/17/2015: As mentioned the rumor is officially true! Final Fantasy VII Announced For The PS4


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  • Rufos_S

    To tell the truth I still have a little hope for a FFVII Remake for PS4, even if it is highly unlikely to happen… And I think that now would be the perfect time to do one (if one it isn’t in development yet), due to the millions that SE lost this fiscal year… Anyway, fingers crossed for this E3 :)

    • solidarios

      They wouldn’t be losing money had they made this game a ready!

  • dreamsandreality

    For once agree with the fans and make a remake of it. I think they are just afraid that they can’t surpass Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Final fantasy 7. This is really getting old now. I am likely about to give up hoping that they will release a remake or a sequel, it’s a pity because it is such a good game. I think the new group squarenix are just not as confident as squaresoft. If only Hironobu is back in the team and has not retires maybe he will consider, he never really fails to give amusement to the fans.

    • Philosogamer

      They’re going to keep losing money. Starving Square is the easiest way for the fans to get what they want.

      • los

        and thats exactly why i havent bought a squenix game in ages…i was a die hard square fan and still have alot of my square games like parasite eve and tactics and every ff game up to X 2 (including dirge of cerberus…smh) but ever since 11 i feel that they are changing too much from the beloved turn based combat that we all grew to love…but they dont care they will just keep ruining all of there franchises by totally changing games like front mission evolved (front mission games where so good…why?) and parasite eve (3 diff games in the series with 3 diff gameplay schemes…why?) and continue to pile their money into remaking edios’ old games like tomb raider and hitman which in the end flopped because they werent that good and the fans are furious

        • oalfaro12

          The Tomb Raider Reboot and Hitman Absolution were the highest selling installments in their respective franchises, so i wouldn’t call it a flop buddy

          • Diplan

            in their last financial report that Tomb raider sold 3 + million copies and still was dissaponting, they are in a very bad financial position right now

      • Tjalloh

        Or it’s the quickest and most ingenious way to cripple and destroy the company, and forever ensure you’ll NEVER get what you want.

        feedback is more valuable than bankruptcy.

    • Farftarf

      Hironobu is still making games with nobuo. Mistwalker studios

    • Frank Doomrider Johansen

      It is impossible to surpass the master Sakaguchi! I am probably one of the biggest fans of FF VII and I hate the idea of a FF VII remake… it would fuck with the image of the origginal. Why can’t anything great be left alone? :(


    Leave the classics alone. No true fan would ever approve this. In fact, just leave Final Fantasy alone altogether. There has been nothing good since IX anyway.

    • William Anderson

      Leave the classics alone? What a ridiculous notion, next you’ll be telling us that the man of steel reboot is pointless or updating Monopoly cash amounts because of inflation is against a true fans best interests. I for one would love to see a remake of FF7 on a console capable of displaying True HD graphics the like of which werent avaliable when the game was first released in 1997, don’t be against updating things, its in nobodies best interests.

    • Darrgoth

      I totally disagree 100%, any true fan would want a remake done to their favorite games done with a next gen twist. Imho a true fan would never disapprove of such a great idea.

      • John Douglas

        Yet they did that with the original Final Fantasy, and released for PSP, and it was big hit. I still like BOTH the older and the remake. It will always have mixed reviews. Just because YOU don’t like the idea doesn’t mean it is BAD> That is just an arrogant way to think. I grew up on FFVII. I would welcome updated graphics. It’s ridiculous to think that any remake would reduce the quality and efforts of the original. You acting as if that were true.

        • Darrgoth

          Huh? I was totally disagreeing with Joshuabrant character not Willy boy above my post. I assume you meant to reply to his post and not mine?

          • John Douglas

            Oh, I misread… “100%, any true fan would want a remake done”…..I thought read “wouldn’t want.” Disregard. lol

          • joshuabrant

            You are all stupid. All remakes fall short of the original. ALL. I have never experienced a remake that was better or even equal to an original, Even if the original sucked the remake just sucks more. None of you are true FF fans. Or RPG fans.

          • Billy Goat

            Are ya hungry fella?

          • Matthew Coles

            That’s just bloody ignorant. At first you MAY have had some valid points buddy, but now you’re just talking out of your Arse.

          • matt

            you’re wrong, you’re probably one of these “fans” who flopped in after squaresoft became square enix, you don’t have a should work for them, there are a lot of people like you currently working for them you’ll fit right in, you’ve got no idea what the true fans want boy.

  • Truth

    A 7 remake would be just awesome. I was sure FFIX surpassed FFVII in a lot of ways. A lot of people who liked FFVII liked FFIX, but not nearly as many people who liked FFIX liked FFVII. FFX was good, FFXI (never played, no comment), FFXII was surprisingly good. That game is up there above FFX.
    As long as the original story is maintained and the gameplay is lucrative like it was in the original, any new remake of FFVII with better graphics will be more than welcome in my opinion. Some things in the original couldn’t be translated well with the limited graphics it had. I would like to play a Cloud character in that world that doesn’t have box hands for once.

  • freeballer

    i would like a remake. i would buy it. up to 9 was good 10 was ok 11 i don’t know 12 was good 13 sucked to me good graphics thow.

  • freeballer

    if they going to turn the playstation into computer why not make the games for the computer.

  • Harleyquinn

    They will never make another game as good as FF7 as they abandoned everything the final fantasy games used to be. I loved the turn based combat and the amazing stories. I played up to 10 and then stopped after 12 was so bad it made me want to punch my play station, I played about3 hours of it. Since then the games have had none of their original charm. I tried 13 not to long ago but quite frankly I was just pressing auto battle as it was easier then getting killed whilst trying to pick commands. I don’t care if they never remake 7 I have my ps1 one and a original copy of ff7 but I wish they would make something at least playable and interesting.

    • Tyler

      I agree with just about everything you say. You’re probably the truest fan on here from what I see. Though, I do disagree about 12. It does have the worst characters forsure. The lisence system was strange but actually unique and rather good once you get into it (Its like 10’s sphere grid in a way). The story reaaaalllyy sucked too. T^hose are usually what makes a FF game, but everything like the amount and variation of sidequests and hidden stuff was amazing. The battles system was the best one Ive seen apart from the summoning system, which was okay. Not to mention the enemies, weapons, old school spells and all the old school final fantasy things we love. On top of all that, it has the most hours of them all (Excluding those ridiculous excuses for MMOs 11 & 14)

  • fran

    Just remake ff7 and take my money! ffxv looks like a modern devil may cry…it sucks, i really don’t understand, ff7 was 100% perfect in all ways, is like the square guys were autistic or something, how could they do such a perfect game 15 years ago and such a regular games the last 15 years

  • baby_wipe

    I don’t want them to do a sequel. I would only want them to make the game play by play exactly the same just with updated graphics and battle sequences. That game/story are perfect… the graphics just need an update.

    • los

      thats what we all want…imagine updated versions of the goldern saucer mini games like moto gp and the snowboarding game! spruce up the graphics in the cut scenes and make the characters in game look like the cgi characters

      ff7 wanst just the best ff in the series…the game was famous for selling the ps1 as millions of people bought into the hype and bought a ps1 just for that game…no game since has sold more consoles period…sure game like call of duty may break the game selling record but no game will ever sell a console like ff7 did

  • booboo

    whatever happened to ff13versus lol?

  • wade

    Not hard leave the game as is just better graphics. Dont change anything.i have played every ff game X was great loved the rest were a let down…..nothing will ever be better than final fantasy Vll….god knows ive tryed

  • Urotsukidoji

    if there ever going to be a FF7 remake the for the love of whatever you hold holy make sure its the same darn game, same game play same story, same everything just up the graphics and that’s all. I have every FF game up to 10, when the game play changed I stopped because then its not FF anymore. if you cant stay true to the classics the way it was then leave it be.

    • Diplan

      I rather have a real sequel of the game ala FFVII-2, there still some side storys that can be explored, The origin of Jonova, the cetras/Ancients, etc etc

      • NAME A PICK OR

        I would prefer that ff7 was properly remade and kept the old battle system or something improved but very similar. I would also like the game to be rid of chat bubbles and replaced with real voice acting by the actors of advent children. and why not add in a ton more dialogue and events that brings you even closer to the characters than ever before. And why not add the prequel like crisis core into the game but from clouds perspective. and more about the little lovetriangle between tifa cloud and aerith. I’m just desperate for more depth to the story, and that it will keep going year after year. But i want the remaking to happen when they can create the entire ff7 series with the same graphics and without stupid changes to mechanics that changes the gameplay with each sequel of the “same” game. If they went on with ff7 forever they would make money on it forever and we would be happy until the day we die. :D The devs could use some serious hard core fans as project leaders.

        • KadiusDar

          Replacing the entire games dialogue with voice acting would take up huge amounts of money, time, and storage space for the game. I’d say voice key scenes or major scenes. Dialog is fine. Besides… how many FF games have you played that didn’t have dialogue?

        • Matt

          few more side quest and secrets too? the customer knows best right?

          • Frank Doomrider Johansen

            Only one customer knows best… and that’s ME! not the blind zombie customers eating everything about a FF VII remake like it’s the best thing that could ever happen. Guess I will be the only true fan that will stand by the ORIGINAL by the MASTER Sakaguchi!

        • Frank Doomrider Johansen

          I would prefer that they NEVER EVR remade FF VII the greatest game of all time!!!! a Timeless classic that is not to be fucked with!

      • Math

        Or a prequel as well, wouldn’t be bad!

        • niels

          do the words “crisis core” mean anything to you?

          • Yggdrasill

            Haha, yeah. Think that you can’t really say you’re a FFVII fan & forget/not know about CC :)

            Was awesome to get a Zack story… Dude was awesome :D

          • Sean

            I agree about the Zack story and that he’s awesome but still i hope for another Final Fantasy game wher Genesis return’s!

      • Cloud-Breaker

        Hell no, What like having the ability to shove cloud in a different costume that some how chainges his whole abilities…. ff10-2. like a Chocobo Cloud suit… umm… I can imagine the fans now.

    • Amanda Faye Vaughan

      i never understand why developers don’t get that. fanboys and girls are not that complex. we don’t need something brand new and fancy, we don’t like our beloved characters being messed with, we’re scared of change and all we’re looking for is more bounce in the boob graphics, not a new plot twist. they failed miserably with the spirits with in project, i hope they learned from their mistakes. (advent children was a good apology movie, but we want the original game all new, as a game!!)

      • Damion Grace

        you are very right about this they give us a vincent game that was half assed and the movies that only make me angry that you just didnt spend that time to help remake the game. There latest games have not been very good in the series at least for me.

      • Cloud-Breaker

        Totally, why the Heck do they think we need a whole new battle system and a whole new way of customising abilities etc when the system worked…. all games seem to do is start out great and then add to the complexities to the game play each and every time there is the next instalment… it just don’t work…. if it aint broke don’t fix it!

        • Thomas Jones

          great point they ruined the gameplay then made the story not worth paying attention 2 ffx was the last game I finished in the series

        • Brandon Maxwell

          God I miss Materia.

      • Frank Doomrider Johansen

        NO WE DON’T want a Remake! A remake would fuck with our nostalgia and the greatness of a TIMELESS classic… does anyone anymore know what timeless means?? I guess not.

    • oniichan

      Very True. It also needs to be kept in Anime style. I hate the current art style of FF games. VII needs to be a playable Anime, just as the original was. Also leave out the horrible American VA’s and just allow me to have English text and an excellent seiyu cast.

    • Matt

      maybe put a few extras in it like more materia, more secrets, stuff like that but nothing else at all needs to change, just be cool to have new things to explore so were not just playing through again in different graphics

      • michael

        and summons and limits

    • Math

      That must be a priority, same game play, same story! Simply the two things that made FF7 the best game ever…then they should develop a prequel and various sequels (still same game play), FOREVER!!

      • Frank Doomrider Johansen

        FUCK NO!!!!!!! Leave this masterpiece alone!

    • wadecundiff

      Agreeeee 100% bring back our sommings.nothing ff orany game for that matter will ever beat or even = FF7

    • Valmunin

      I am certainly I gigantic fan of FFVII, but there is one thing they could put back in the game that was taken out to meet the delivery deadline: bringing Aerith back alive! It was in the original story line and there is even dialogue for her at the end of the game, you can read it if you have a gamesharkactionreplaygeniecodebreakersaveeditor and bring her back to your party that way.

      • sirmichaelvalentine

        you dont need a game shark to bring aerith back fully into your party i guess the makers already knew killing her off was gonna be a big deal so they made it so you have to completely master a certain materia to its fullest (i think it was pink) after doing something with it you were to bring it back to aerith’s death place i’ve never done it but it has been the longest rumor in ff7 and i looked it up for pictures it looks legit over the years the city of the ancients always seemed to feel unfinished as u re walk through it.

      • Frank Doomrider Johansen

        The death of Aerith is one of the most dramatic and memorable moments in FF VII, to bring her back to life wouød cheapen the effect it gave the story… This is why I never take the death of a superhero serious… they always come back.. gtfoh with that stupid shit. Same in anime series like DBZ… I can’t take death serious there… they always find a way to come back…

    • Frank Doomrider Johansen

      Adding advent children design to the characters would make the game unplayable.

  • It’s About The Money

    Remaking this game would have to be a delicate process. It’s getting to the point where most of us who are old enough to have enjoyed the game in its prime are moving on. Thus, it would also need to appeal in some way to the younger generation. It can’t only be for the nostalgia of the older gamers, it has to be produced for profit.
    Certain things would need to be changed and it would be hard to keep the spirit of the game with said changes. For instance, you never see world map exploration on any modern games, and I’m not sure that it’s appealing any more. So what direction would they take that wouldn’t wrench the game away from its original exploratory feel? The old battle system will not gain new fans any longer. So would they go with a more Kingdom Hearts style combat, or try something new? It will take a lot of innovation and “outside-the-box” thinking to remake the game in a way that is relevant. Keeping the old systems just wouldn’t draw in enough money for it to be worth their time.

  • FinalFantasyFan

    I honestly dont understand this whole article. I get that they need there time to remake the game but its not like there changing the story. Doing that in the process of there failed attempts after 10-1. What makes this so funny is they will never make a new final fantasy game better or even close to 7 or 10. Its not even about the arguement of why they just up and decided to get rid of the Materia. It was the story line I don’t think anyone would have expected Aeris to die by sephiroth so soon. Expecially how they almost force you to build a relationship with here throughout the game. Its nothing personal towards Square Soft but i will not touch a final fantasy game after 10. So they can make it up to final fantasy 1000 I wont touch any of them. Its common sense that if your best selling final fantasies were probably 7 or 10. You want to make a new final fantasy as good as those bring back Materia and golden Chocobo’s. Dont change the whole style and concept of a game then wonder why it has sucked for years. Now they make there fans aka there money income suffer because there lack of intelligence on messing up a franchise. Now they decline even the smallest thought of a potential remake of 7. Lets be honest if they make us wait for them to release a newer better Final Fantasy. Thats there way of saying they will never remake 7. My opinion is you want money? what do you think will sell more. A perfect Playstation 1 classic that was probably the best RPG i played. It was my reason for starting RPGs. Or games that have failed multiple times and multiple years of ruining the name of Square Soft.

    • sirmichaelvalentine

      i agree with u someone needs to tell them instead of randomly asking the head of square of a possible ff7 remake. someone needs to just up and tell them to go back to there old formula. go back to what made the fantasy series good tell them to stop trying to turn final fantasy into a movie series like *cough*13*cough* tell them that updating the classics are very good yes but if its gonna turn the game into one long movie then no thanks. heavy story bond movie looking games are good for silent hill resident evil etc not for an older rpg series that had open words big maps lots of fun side quests that u can chose to do of your own free will. not like we have today where u have to do the side quest or otherwise cant continue the game which bores me to death. they should prove that not every game has to be a hd remake by going back to the ff7 8 & 9 half 2d half 3d style made for the pc only cause if they even think of any newer console they would want all HD graphics. like i said not every rpg has to be 3d with voices. just go back to there old book reading style for a few new series with todays technology the mix of 2d 3d would look and sound phenomenal . now that would be very good and would start to bring the square name out if the junk pile its in now.

      • Goldenpins

        I agree. In my opinion, They can and should keep the movie style just go back to the old formula, battle system, summons (no digimons/transformers), bring back some races like moogles (not toy dolls), larger stages, limit breaks. they can still experiment with newer styles but design around it, materia etc

      • zackstrife

        all i can say as one of the biggest ff7 enthusiests out there, if the final fantasy project turns out not to be 7, I will be done with square enix completely. they have toyed with us fans for years now. i have been playing my ff7 discs (yes, they STILL work) for 16 years now. ff7 has defined me and made me who I am as a person. I have the shirts, the origional black label with the “i” misprint on the in the word masterpiece, play arts figures the works. eventually on my next tax return I shall have an entire back piece tattoo in honor of ff7. I guess what I’m trying to say, and i’m certain i’m speaking on behalf of all us ff7 fans out there, is that we’re tired of you (enix) hanging it and taunting us in front of our faces with your tech demos and all your b.s. is disgraceful, cruel, and just plain wrong. obviously, we have been demanding a remake since the birth of ps3, yet you won’t deliver. Ergo, your shareholders have not been pleased, hence yoichi wada stepping down. so lets see, what could you do as a company to EXPONENTIALLY increase your funds, thus, pleasing your shareholders, pleasing your fans (possibly soon to be ex-fans if nothings done), lets sit here and think for just ONE moment enix. seriously, really think, and I mean REALLY think about what this could mean for your company as a whole even, if you let us down and fill our hearts with sorrow just one more time. So now that your thinking about it. what could you do…REMAKE FF7 FOR THE PS4! You already PROVEN, that you will never come close to making a FF title on par, let alone better than FF7. So what your fans actually hear is that you will never give us a remake. I Mike Sandusky II of Millersport OH, hereby BEG you too please, Please give us a remake. Our hearts are still with you and full of hope that you will come through for your longtime dedicated fans, but our hearts are quickly beginning to worry, doubt, and even beginning to fade. Please come through for us.

    • Goldenpins

      I agree, and im on the same boat mentality as you. The moment they started dabbling in dress spheres, I noticed everything became more visual and stages became smaller and game felt guided and less exploring.They took away elements that have been around since Final Fantasy 1. Real monster summons got trashed and they added robot looking summons or none at all. It felt like the summons were transformers or digimon. The awesomeness of bahamut ripping the sky apart and flying down , charging and incinerating enemies became them going threw “transformation” phases and being ridden on. I felt this took away from the main game. Those summons were like an ultimate attack.None of those summons felt incredible like past games.Final Fantasy 7-10 had some really good monster cinematics.The game decided to get more visual and less exploring.Now, there should be a good balance and realistically hire in game map designer so we have more to do. Even a very simple over head map with the character walking around like past FF games would make people happy and not put so much stress on the designers having to create more. They say FF7 is to hard to remake from scratch because its so large, yet here they are remaking FF10 HD remix. Which is larger by the way. FF 7 had a lot of repeating backgrounds (which was fine since your walking in a desert overhead map or some cave) You only zoomed in up close when you reach a destination or get attack.Bring back materia, chocobo’s, Moogle (not some toy doll), real monster summons, bring back summon battles to gain the summons alliance, bring back awesome summon cinematics,Active time battle system, larger maps and hidden items, limit breaks etc.I understand they choose to make different final fantasy games to make them feel fresh.But there is no need for a huge system overhaul.I had more fun in FF7 and 8 battle system than i’ve every had in any new Final fantasy game. The best they can do is dress up lighting as cloud.

  • VII Remake

    I just want to see an HD remake no changes accept for HD graphics. I’ve played through every FF game and VII is by far the best. I think VIII, IX and X are the only ones that come close.

  • I See Strife

    I can understand what Square is thinking. They do not want to tarnish the already glistening image that FFVII has by making a game that does not match or surpass its qualities. I am a pretty big fan of FFVII and the FF franchise as a whole. I would love to see a remake of FFVII. However I would also be just as excited for a “traditional” FF game to be released. I played the FFXIII games. I liked the FFXIII games. But… I miss the old games. Maybe that’s just me being old but im only 23 so I don’t think it has that much to do with it. The companies that make all these games that the consumers love need to remember what made their games so loved. Call of Duty 4 was, and to me, is the best Call of Duty. It didn’t have 98 different guns with 37 different attachments for each gun. It was simple. It was clean. It had a good story whit good multiplayer. That is what made it great. The same goes with FF. Turn based combat is what FF is about. A good story line with characters that you can connect with. Gameplay that conjures real emotion from the one playing. That is what makes FF great. The companies are trying to grow too fast. They are trying to change too fast. They are forgeting what made their games great. Well I guess that’s how I feel about it. I want a remake because without it I am afraid that their really won’t be a FF game that will at least come close to what a FF game is really is supposed to be like. And that makes me sad.

  • Square, there’s a reason why your other games aren’t exceeding Final Fantasy VII. It’s because it’s just that good. I, personally, would purchase whatever console necessary just to revisit this amazing title.

    • Luke Leg

      Admitting that 7 “was” the first of it’s kind I can come to agree that is a good game. Thought how things went after FF7 brings up an interesting question: Is FF7’s fault that we saw this franchise collapse into the long corridor wich is FF13? Will there be any downsides on this (possible) remake? I hope you understand my mistrust in Squaresoft’s (or -enix’s) potenial- at the moment.

      • Null_Shock

        The only real significant “first of it’s kind” bit about FFVII is the fact that it had 3d rendered charachters and better attack/summon animations, at it’s core it was just another(albeit one of the best, VI was damn good as well(III on snes) . Also when it comes to XIII, if you take the words Final Fantasy out of the title rendering comparison to the older titles. . .The isn’t all that bad, I thought it was actually pretty good, sure it had it’s faults , but what game doesn’t? The MMOs are what did the most damage in my opinion. Though the latest looks like it has potential (A Realm Reborn) I think they should make the Final Fantasy remake on the Vita, it supports HD (I hate it when people argue about what is or isn’t HD “True” or “Real” HD is just a Label for the highest res at the time(anyone notice “true” HD is always changing on the TVs that still use the label. ANYTHING ABOVE SD IS HD…Some displays just have a higher res and/or refresh rate.) sorry about the HD rant. So yea those are my thoughts, would help Vita sales, and the Vita is an awesome handheld, with some pretty good titles, If they make say a Final Fantasy VII limited edition Vita I will be the proud owner of two Vita’s( I’ve the AC Liberation White Vita. this post is way to long. I am going to shut up.

        • Fulcom

          I only wish that they would acutally sell final fantasy HD remake in Norway to the vita. only reason why I never bought a vita is because every local store only sell like 8-13 gamer, and that I have to buy games from uk to be able to acutally get a good game. I could ofc but games on the psn, but then I would use all my money on memory cards.

          • Vincent Hammons

            handhelds can go to hell we want it on console

        • AJ Stewart

          FF7 had many firsts. It came out at a time when Super Mario World and Sonic The Hedgehog were considered impressive.

      • AJ Stewart

        It is strange that FF7 sent Square into such a downward spiral. It seems like each new addition to the series just kept getting worse and worse. FF8 and FF9 were still good, just not great. I stopped giving the franchise a chance after FFX. I think this is all the more reason for a remake and/or sequel/prequel to FF7. They can’t do any worse, and even if they make a game 99% the same as FF7 with just a few small changes, then worst-case-scenario, at least it’s 99% as good as FF7 which is still something to be proud of.

        • Cloud-Breaker

          I agree, the games just kept on getting worse and I begrudged myself paying £2 for a pre-owned copy of the latest instalment…. when I got it home and had a shot, turns out I really did waist my £2. Glad I didn’t get it at £40plus when it came out. That said I would gladly buy a new console for £300+ and FF7 remake at £50plus because it was so damn good! I still have a mint copy of ff7 ps1 I think I may never part with…. Maybe pass it on to the grand-kids with wise words like, ‘Within is contained serious awesomeness!’

        • Guerrero Sinkuentisiete

          Fuck you, FFX was fuckin awsome, and so is FF13 & 13-2….8 and 9 were questionable. But graphics-wise, theyre always on top. Overall, Final Fantasy always has that unique feel.

          • AJ Stewart

            No, you fuck you. FFX was about some evil time traveling sperm whale or something. The only bearable part of the game was the jello soccer or whatever. Cloud and Squall would kick all their asses, not to mention Cid, Vincent, Irvine, and Edea.

          • woozy

            This dude is an idiot

          • super fan

            Yeah he has no idea where he’s at.

          • Berry Obama

            I assume with a comment like this, you are just too young to know what is considered mediocre and amazing. FF4 and 5 were great, FF6-7 were amazing, and everything thing else that Square Enix created, came straight from their asses and turned instantly into a huge pile of shit. Square needs to stop thinking they are a movie company and focus on the story and character development. We do not need a CG every 2-1/2 minutes.

          • J


          • J

            Berry… I’ll have to disagree. FF8 was pretty bomb.

          • Pokits Evans

            Wait…ff1 that was a great game. Ff7 topped the cake. I’ll buy this remake only if they don’t change anything. Maybe vamp up the graphics, tweek a few things like animation. But of they change any character, story arc, location, mini game…… Then they should just stop now. They need to go back play ff7 and see that everything was perfect for it’s time. Is it wrong to want to see a great game get a facelift? I don’t think so.

          • SkyKiller 17

            OMG! I’m so sick of this “you are either too young or too stupid to understand or appreciate something”. Not every generation is the same and that doesn’t make us mediocre or naïve! I wish you people would just shut up at “I didn’t like something.” Search the web, there are plenty of people who enjoy FFXIII! If you don’t have anything fucking good to say, do say it at all! The games are different to suit all the different personalities and interests. For crying out loud, the energy and time wasted by people about things they hate is retarded and ridiculous! Secondly, no company or person with creativeness can please everyone and all generations! I know people who complain about even the original star wars trilogy! I’m sick of people like me being bullied and teased for liking something! The fucking 13th game sold out when it was released on Xbox! The game couldn’t possible suck as much as you make it out to be!

          • danjah32

            9 was good IMO and I agree with you on 8. 12 was the one that ruined everything and there never should have been a 13-2!

          • J

            I think it’s ff11 and ff10-2 that sent the final fantasy games on a downward spiral. Ff13 wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t so freaking linear. 12 had the weakest lead character. His story was uninteresting and disjointed. The bunny chick was attractive, but there were too many ploy holes and weak character development.

          • Brandon Diamond

            10 was not too bad. But 13 sucked a big inflated bag of dicks. Paradigm shift!?!? Wtf is this crap. They should stay with the classic where you control each of your characters. But neither of those games came close to 7, 8, or 9.

        • Frank Doomrider Johansen

          I hate it when ppl think a company should milk their greatest accomplishment. A remake would hurt them more and give rise to even more stupid fans.

    • Cloud-Breaker

      Totally agree, I think just about all FF7 fans regardless of how much time has past and how little they play computer games nowadays would go out and buy what ever necessary to re-live those glory days and bring back some awesome memories!

      • I actually just bought FF7 (for the fifth time total) on Steam to relive those days. I have to say, it’s kind of cool without as much pixelation and having achievements. However, a remake is still highly desired!

        • cecil etienne

          the only stupid thing is, the creator said if he remade it he would change basically everything about it to make it more like the ones of today and that would ruin the whole game making one of the best games every made into a complete failure

        • Guest

          Square recently released their own PC version based on the architecture of the old PC version from the late 90s. It’s really not bad, runs at 1080p with antialiased 3D etc. Of course the 2D is still low res, but there’s nothing we can do about that since I kinda doubt they made high resolution versions of the background art in 1995. Well worth the $12 they’re charging, so might have to buy it for a 6th time, haha.

      • Frank Doomrider Johansen

        Because FF VII is perfect, and no need whatsoever for a remake! I hate those graphic whores!

    • mimi

      Amen. If they brought it out for PS4 and just updated the graphic, I wouldn’t care! I would buy everything I needed and disappear from the outside world for about a month.

    • Steven Solidarios

      FFX was my last FF purchase, and it was not as good or memorable as FF7 at all! I’d be willing to pay a premium for a FF7 remake, even if its the same exact story! Just update to 3d and make sure it doesn’t come on 3 blurays! Why can’t Squarenix just realize they can make a million sequels related to FF7 and people will buy them!

      • Frank Doomrider Johansen

        “Why can’t Squarenix just realize they can make a million sequels related to FF7 and people will buy them!”

        Worst idea EVER!!!! Talk about destroying a franchise by milking it to death. They have already put Cloud and Sephirotyh in to many places, like the Kindomhearts series YUK!!!!!!

        • JC

          This is a remake not a sequel

          • Frank Doomrider Johansen

            A remake that will force the massiveness that is FF VII into a much smaller living space. If they try to make FF VII fit into any of the game design models since after FF IX it will be a trainwreck. I don’t have concerns for the actual story, I have concerns for the whole package.

  • Domonique Sephiroths Fangirl

    I still believe in ff7 remake; i just think that they’re going to do it like maybe 5 years or 7 year from now, i was going to buy like three but by the time it’s out it’s going to be too freaking high to buy three of >.<

  • Beanyboy2802

    I’ve been a fan of the series since this game introduced me to RPGs, and yes – that means all of them (though agreed, some are better than others)… But Squares stance changing, new management, and all the heat that they have had since that tech demo first got showed… I wonder if the old rumours really are true – they said years ago that there was gonna be a big shock coming on the 20th anniversary of the original game… I’m looking forward to finding out if the remake is that shock (if of course it hasn’t been released before then).

    • beanyboy2802

      PS – can you imagine the reaction to them making a tech demo like that for the ps4? There would be an absolute uproar lol

  • Seabassofthesea

    maybe i should just cry and get it over with now, i have been playing ff7 sense its inception and will probbably never see a remake…if its money they are worried about the remake would deffinatly solve that issue, regardless if they got the remake right people will be lining up at the door to purchance it and see for themselves

  • Jedidiah Pakula

    Final Fantasy 7 was really good, but not the best; 6 was better. 7 would be 2nd, 9 would be third, then 5 and 4. All the rest are kinda garbage.

    • Jedidiah Pakula

      Remake 6 if you’re remaking anything.

      • I agree with you. HOWEVER. I live in Europe and FF7 was the first FF game released (and thus the first one I played). I have played 7-8-9-6 in that order, like many Europeans.

        FF7 has a bigger fanbase than any of the other FF’s. More fans = more money rolling in.

        • Jedidiah Pakula

          Yes, but did you see how terrible Advent Children was? Dirge of Cerebrus was kind of weak as well. In terms of FFVi vs. FFVII:

          Final Fantasy VII was great. It had a great storyline, great cast and the best fighting system of all the Final Fantasy franchise. Everyone loves the Materia system better than any other Job/Class/Magic/etc. system of any other one. However, Final Fantasy VI first introduced the futuristic fantasy setting that would be copied in Final Fantasy VII and then carried into Final Fantasy VIII. Kefka is the first truly evil nemesis that even Heath Ledger borrowed from in making the Joker. Sephiroth is awesome, but Kefka is crazy. All the villians after VI are clones, or remakes of Kefka, especially Sephy. Kefka is the best villian in the entire series, and Final Fantasy VI had the largest cast of characters-even the main character, Terra was an Esper. I bet if Terra wasn’t the main character from Final Fantasy VI, she would’ve died before Aeris. The story is truly epic and if they would just completely remake these two games, Square would get black in black.

          Also, bring Dragon Quest X for Wii U to America.

          • Goldenpins

            I have never read anything the Kefka inspired the jokers version from Heath ledger. Not to sound nasty, but it sounds like hyper bowel. FF3 (6 in the US) was the one that drew me into final fantasy. Sephiroth was nothing like Kefka. Kefka was actually insane vs Sephiroth was just upset but his insanity never shows threw. Sephiroth just comes off as arrogant and superior which he is.Kefka was mad, and did insane things and got what he wanted at the end. He truly wanted destruction after totally going insane because he was one of the first test subjects of magic infusion the Espers.I do agree they should make FF6. But FF7 put them on a map.I do agree there has not been a better villain since Kefka. Sephiroth to me just comes off as a power house , but he never really displayed much emotion or talked. You could never get an idea of his thoughts. Vs kefka was all over the place, talked, had an active part in many of the games story parts and magically became the end boss from the servant.Honestly, I cant even count any Final Fantasy boss to be a kefka clone because he is that good and hard to replicate.

  • winterzbite

    Personally, if FF7 was remade, I would buy the game system it was made for, JUST to play FF7. It would be a hard game to redo tho…. Probably they are worried about appealing to current generation gamers while staying true to the original. Fine line to walk….

    • Goldenpins

      The people that would buy it would be the fans. Anyone buying it threw word of mouth would be left over people who never experienced it, or just heard about it.New gamers wont know what to expect , because they never played the original. A remake is a remake. Not hard to stay on the same path. you have to appeal to the original crowd not anyone else. Thats why its a remake.Its not a remake like you see in movies that they just do it again but switch things around. FF7 remake would be the same, just updated graphics and CGI.It willnever blow new gamers out of the water because voice acting, CGI , cinematics etc are common. back than we jumped from 2D SNES to 3D PS1. It was a huge jump graphically, orchestrated music, CD quality sound,spoken dialog, in game graphics, movie like cut scenes and surround sound. There was a lot of things going for FF7. Now all those things are common.

  • jkeister

    wer want the remake and we want it now this is bs out of all the ff games this one is the one with the best story line of them all and it really draws you in for hours of gameplay a remake with the same story line and stuff just with better detailed graphics would be a great thing

  • ACinKo

    is what they need to do…

    need to remake the game in its entirety, with all the original game play but
    2014 graphics. They should not forget one item or scene from the original; they
    should only add more depth and more story, tying in Angeal and Zack from the
    PSP Spinoffs.

    Just make one epic final all in one final
    fantasy 7 game with the complete story from beginning to end. I will literally pay
    10 times the going game price if that was released. And I know there are others
    out there like me, a lot of us. We want
    to fully relive the whole story of finally fantasy 7 in its completeness and
    true fullness.
    There is clearly still a huge market for this game, what is
    there to lose?

    • Mourne

      you cannot have said it better than this.
      We all fans want this to happen man =)
      Finished FF7 n. 7 times, cannot wait to finish it for the 8th.

    • Goldenpins

      I never thought of that …but that is a great way to make all new gamers and the old crowd happy. FF7 and tie in the story of Zack and Angeal all in one.Sell it for $90 if it has both games mixed into the story. Not only would that give them a chance to tie both stories in one game but also allow some creativity instead of just “updated graphics” and be done with it.

    • N. Bowman


    • jo

      don´t forget the music…

    • me

      id pay $200 easy if it was as you say

    • Michael Wheeler ff fantill10

      seriously i would pay 500 dollars for this game it would be great if all this was added in and then remade

    • Yggdrasill

      No way should they add references to Angeal or any other the other ‘prequel’ characters (& fyi, Zack was mentioned PLENTY in FFVII if you actually paid attention). As much as I enjoyed Crisis Core; the second they start adding details or tweaking bits, they’ll go nuts & completely start messing with the game, no doubt ruining it…

      All we want is for the graphics to be updated & the environments to be made fully 3D. I wouldn’t mind if the battle LOOKED more dynamic (bit like in FFXIII, with characters properly moving around, not just making a hit then returning back to the waiting position), but only if the actual mechanics & controls stayed the same…

  • Edog

    For the love of god, please!!!!

  • Aubanis

    I sure do hope they don’t try to “give it a twist” and fuck up something. Oh, and they better leave the combat system alone. It should have no more and no less than what FF7 offered. I expect the world map to be open world like FF7, which isn’t that hard to do. So yeah, for the love of god, listen to your fans, make a badass remake of FF7 and actually MAKE money this time.

    • Bob

      This is why Square Enix is having such a difficult time bringing this to fruition. Add modern graphics but leave everything else alone. That just won’t work. The better the graphics are the more players will begin to realize how dated the mechanics of the original FF7 are. The original FF7 was mostly isometric/top down with 3D characters running around on a pre-rendered, 2D world.That is so ridiculously difficult to present in 3D it is mind boggling. Most people would expect a game like FFXIII but with FFVII’s story and characters, but that would require changing game mechanics. Too many places in FFII require the player to be knowledgeable of an item or something that the player, physically would not be able to see. A 3rd person “behind-the-head” RPG environment would not work with most of the things that are present in FF7. One could remake the game in an isometric/top-down style like the original with better graphics but the game would be criticized as lacking depth and having childish game-play (I’m looking at you purists out there -__-…)

      Trust me, the game-play of FFVII, for a lot of people would not translate well into modern gaming. Someone would get butt-hurt and Square Enix would end up losing money. TONS of money. More money than they have ever lost before because as people in this forum have stated, if Square Enix messed up FFVII, they would be done for. There would be no recovery. The Final Fantasy franchise would effervesce into nothing overnight and we would never ever see another FF title again. So if that is what you really want, keep egging Square Enix on. You’ll get the remake eventually, and no matter how they do it, at least 50% of fans will say it isn’t worthy and Square Enix will sink into the abyss of forgotten game companies and it will be all your fault.

      In the end, not everyone will be happy and you know as well as I know that Final Fantasy fans are RELENTLESS. One butt-hurt fan will rally to boycott the release or something stupid and that will be that. I’ll paste a couple good quotes from this very thread that are shining examples of the type of fans that are killing Square Enix like Trekkies killed Star Trek:

      “if there ever going to be a FF7 remake the for the love of whatever you hold holy make sure its the same darn game, same game play same story, same everything…”

      “Not hard leave the game as is just better graphics. Dont change anything.”

      “I sure do hope they don’t try to ‘give it a twist’ and fuck up something. Oh, and they better leave the combat system alone.”

      This person states the truth:

      “Remaking this game would have to be a delicate process. It’s getting to the point where most of us who are old enough to have enjoyed the game in its prime are moving on. Thus, it would also need to appeal in some way to the younger generation. It can’t only be for the nostalgia of the older gamers, it has to be produced for profit.
      Certain things would need to be changed and it would be hard to keep the spirit of the game with said changes. For instance, you never see world map exploration on any modern games, and I’m not sure that it’s appealing any more. So what direction would they take that wouldn’t wrench the game away from its original exploratory feel? The old battle system will not gain new fans any longer. So would they go with a more Kingdom Hearts style combat, or try something new? It will take a lot of innovation and “outside-the-box” thinking to remake the game in a way that is relevant. Keeping the old systems just wouldn’t draw in enough money for it to be worth their time.””

      • Goldenpins

        Its remake for a reason.. its not meant to please new gamers. The system worked back than, and honestly newer mechanics on newer final fantasy are not that much better.You have to take into account this game was loved back than for what it was, many still like it and prefer that system.Remaking FF7 is not like remaking Teenage mutant ninja turtles where the director is trying to make them aliens, instead of turtles and shifting things around to re-envision it. There is no need for that.Updated graphics would draw in newer games that were not around for the 2D shift into 3D world.Add surround sound codecs like DTS even Master audio, updated graphics not “HD version” which just makes the polygon softer vs character remix like the movies.Another poster had stated combine the Zack and Angeal story into FF7 telling the full FF7 story. This would allow other to experience the PSP version of the game, which is part of the final fantasy world.

      • Ultimate

        Keep everything the same but with FINAL fantasy 13 and up graphics and add advent children voices with maybe a open world gameplay or not and put some secrets in there like a genesis return thing at the end or something like a secret ending and maybe make an advent children game where you can fight kadaj gang , use the fusion sword everyone’s ac outfit

      • Matt

        if that happens then good riddance, they’ve yet to make a decent game anyway, enix didn’t make ff7 squaresoft did, enix are just a bunch of droopy eyed armless children

      • Rosspro

        Its people like you that have killed the Final Fantasy series! People that think that the classic style is dated. There is a reason why people go back to the old games over and over yet have to force themselves to play the new games even once. If anything there is space for a classic style game with updated graphics like Rayman and other games have done

        I don’t understand how you think that the graphics will show the system is dated. There are still plenty of games that hold a fixed camera position but even if you insist on an overhead view then there are simple ways around the item problems (camera moving slightly away from overhead to reveal item, also done in many other games) and implementing a 3D map is not mind-boggling. It is done all the time with modern FF games but in this case they already have the concept art.

        As for killing the FF series, Enix has already done that in my eyes. They are scaring away current fans by changing everything too much but not gaining new fans because they are trying to do stuff that other games already do better. As long as they aren’t too creative (i.e. change too much), I think that an FF7 remake is the best thing they can do to win back fan’s hearts

        Finally can you name me a single game that has pleased everyone. If developers stopped making games through fear of not pleasing everyone, the gaming industry would have died long ago. I think overall Enix needs to do this not so much as a money making exercise but as a publicity stunt in an attempt to regain our trust. Of course I could be in the minority in my thoughts but I feel it needed to be said :)

  • eaglepopcoen

    Wouldn’t a remake make a ton of profit cause there are a lot of old fans + new fans that are waiting (like me) to experience what was said to be the best final fantasy

    • Goldenpins

      I’m going to be completely honest with you being an original fan, and experienced FF7 on multiple disk as a teenager. It is awesome, but you have to remember they had a lot going for them back than. 3D jump from 2D (SNES), CD quality music, orchestrated music, in game cinematics and picture like still images for back ground and foreground. You never saw these things back than.You never saw characters experience death.You never saw a 1 minute and a half summon that was movie like before. It was a very different type of game that did so many things right for the time/era. Now, all these things are common. New gamers will never get the same feel and impact as the original crowd. As a warning, don’t get to much into the “experience the greatest final fantasy ever” mentality. You may be setting yourself up to have it blow you away, which it may or may not.Updated graphics would most def help polish it , but all the other things that made FF7 great are now past its time. Since most of the things it did are common now visually, musically etc. If they make the game. Go into it expecting nothing but as a blank slate. Turn on Active time battle system in the menu.

  • jacobff7

    If they remake ff7 for ps4. Ill go out there a buy a ps4 for that reason only. They have to keep everything the same, story line gameplay.

  • gamzee

    the big game is final fantasy 14 aka 13 versus. no 7 remake yet guys. not till 2014

  • Greg Reynolds

    I think they should do a exact remake but only as some type of extra I’ve beat ff7 like 5 times already what I would really like to see is a new ff with ff7 characters in midgar of course just a new story

  • Meh

    The way this series is going, there will never be a FF that exceeds FF7 and they might as well remake the actually good games and hope that teaches them that you don’t fix what is not broken.

  • TechnoSam

    I would love to see a full gd remake of ffvi and ffvii. What i would want is turn based with upgraded graphics, and if course full voice acting…

  • Diplan

    I came across this great answer in Quora as to why a FFVII remake is highly unlikely,

    What do you guys think?

  • Raymond

    Make a Final Fantasy remake Plz i will buy it and everyone i know loves it

  • Mourne

    I think leaving out the changes and twists and improving interaction and graphics is something FEASIBLE.
    They don’t need PS4 graphics to be able to render everything in a better way… and they don’t even need to change the point of view or the backgrounds… they just need to ENRICH them, make any interaction with the background possible, real like characters (advent children quality).
    Turn based MUST not change, that was the heart of that game, it was easy to understand and learn for new players…they made a game famous for certain points? then keep the damn points and stick to them, only improve them.. and not change them.
    Add materias, add mini games, add archievements, add interactions that follow the storyline without changing the already present ones!.
    Final Fantasy 7 was a damn huge game if you think about it.. completing it 100% gives REAL satisfaction compared to just finish the game and that’s it.

    Feelings… the game must give FEELINGS.

    These are words of a guy who finished the game 7 times, and would like to finish it once more.


  • Bluebird75

    I would love to see Final fantasy 7 again for these new console and PC, imho FF7 had the best story line out of them all, I’ve bought the ones after 7, but sadly they just don’t cut it for me and got bored real quickly, and i doubt I’ll bother getting another FF, because i don’t like the new style of play, only being able to control one person in game or use one summon, that kinda suxs tbh, FF7 had the best battle system. I’d bet they would make more money on a FF7 remake than they would on a new FF.

  • Los

    So Square decides to shutdown the remake of chono trigger that was a while back for the PS2 but decides to remake this garbage. They must seriously have a screw loose or something to even consider FF7 again. It’s just a generic RPG with nothing too appealing to it. They’re basically digging their own grave with this much like Capcom is doing to itself. To each their own but this is suicide. Enough with Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy in general.

  • Murdoc

    I would love to see 7,8, and 9 remade as long as it’s purely a graphical update and absolutely NOTHING more… they start adding stuff and a classic can turn to garbage fast

  • cj

    If I had to buy a ps4 just for ff7 unchanged HD remake, I would, and if they sold the game for 1000 dollars a copy, Id still buy it instantly. Hell….I’d sell my car, that’s how bad I want it. These idiots that run that company need to just make a correct decision for once because I refuse to buy anything from them until they do this….all their new ff’s SUCK beyond belief. How hard is it to change the resolution, make the battle effects and cut scenes more flashy, and have the characters dialogue voiced not text….the game is already written and perfect! Its perfect! If they don’t make the remake soon before we’re all old as hell, then I hope that company just dies.

  • Wumbles

    They should absolutely remake this but with just one change. They should put back all the stuff they cut out of the Honey Bee Inn. Some of the dialogue that they cut for that part would have made such a memorable part of the story even more memorable!

  • bob
  • Bill0405

    Besides the storyline (obviously)…the best thing about the game was the materia magic system. Never in any of the FF’s have they created such a simple, yet customizable magic system. I really miss it :(

  • Phil Dragon Critchlow

    7,8,9 and 10 have all been amazing, 12 and 13 was fun deffo. PLEASE remake FF7. trust me ull bring soooo many fans back to you and even more will stay and play future games. i know you have had a huge fan drop since FF10.

    so use the ground breaking biggest name to make EVERYone remember why we all fell inlove with Final Fantasys. a fully Nex gen voice acted FF7 is whats needed. all the money, man power and resources will be 150% well worth it coz YOU know when this titles come out BOOOOM your fans will be flooding back by the millions and we will follow your games to the end of time out of sheer respect.

    plz listen to me :)


    Phil Dragon

  • Rainman

    I don’t think it should be the same exact game with better graphics. I agree that they shouldn’t mess with the plot or have any major changes to the combat system. For starters the final boss is a joke and I wouldn’t mind if the whole game had some added difficulty to be honest. I think the best places they can look to improve the game are the new cinematic scenes and the side stuff. I think they should all in on making the Golden Saucer mini games as awesome as possible. I would love it if they could take the chocobo racing mini game to another level and maybe even add in some chocobo breeds just for the racing. They should definitely add plethora of side bosses as well.

  • aztec

    please re make with same battle system and story line and up the graphics. add new parts to the story line as well. i would buy a ps4 solely to play this game

  • Grim MW3

    I think i speak for every fan here when i say; Keep FF VII original “EVERYTHING”. The only thing that should change is the in game play graphics. Just update that to the type of graphics 90 % of the games look and feel like these days. We know it’s a huge task and i trust that it will not go Unappreciated by every fan. I believe that it might just generate a huge comeback for Square Enix. Although if they decide to change to it i would rather suggest they make a sequel like some have suggested. But the main point is i think is that we all want the same game spiced up with better graphics. For me it would be a dream come true.

  • roko130

    If a FFVII remake were confirmed before the next gen console release, I would totally buy a PS4 rather than an XBOX one.

  • maz

    I havent played computer games since final fantasy XII on PS2, but mark my words, if there ever is a remake of Final Fantasy 7, I will instantly book whatever console its on. I wouldnt miss it for the world!!!!

  • Brody Donovan

    There is a site called kickstarter. You can make donations for a multitude of causes. I know the Homestuck fandom had as a whole donated over 2 million dollars so that the author of the series, Andrew Hussie, could make a game out of it. Homestuck has a much smaller fandom than Final Fantasy VII, and I for one feel that if we convinced Square to set a price for the cost of development, I feel that us fans could definitly reach that budget, and excel it. This way, Square wouldn’t spend anything on rebuilding one of, if not the, most loved game in history. They could still have Tetsuya Nomura on charecter creation and design, and I for one, have been very pleased with every charecter he’s ever done. As reimbursement for the donations, you could get a early copy of the game, or some such thing. I just hope they don’t make a portion of the story into DLC. As far as that subject goes, I feel that a few more weapons, accessories, materia, etc. What I wouldn’t like to see is more dungeons and such. All the locations from the original game, but don’t add MORE story, just DEVELOP it more. With how far technology is coming though, (Having multiple games on a single disc) I would like to see ALL titles in the series put into one collectors set. Low production cost, high sell cost, and best yet, Square didn’t even have to pay a dime for the designing and making! If every fan that wants to see this happen donated at least $15 to the kickstarter, the majority of the game would be made. There are at least a million of us fans, so that’s $15,000,000 right there. I bet there are more than a million of us, and I bet that some of us would gladly donate more than $15. I just hope the right person sees this, takes it, and runs with it. If you know somebody who may have any sway with Square, or anybody who knows anybody, please persuade them to at least acknowledge this idea. I feel i speack for all of us diehards who got the Golden Chocobo, and who went on a second play through just to be as much of a jerk to Aeris and get that date with Yuffie; SQUARE. I beg of you to redo Final Fantasy VII.

  • Ikarian

    Square Enix have two possible way of evolution. Continue with other Final Fantasies, until FF-XXIX etc., or bet all their resources, personal and technical posibilities to create FF7 remake. I believe (and I would join) crowdfundrising be able to get them large sum of money to help with remake. And if they will be successfull with this remake, I bet they will got so much money that they, their children, grandchildern and great-grandchildern will not have to work :))) I will even buy PS4 only for FF7 remake :o)))))))

  • Triumph

    Alright here we have it. They want a FF game that “exceeds FF7”, well how about this idea:

    A running joke has been “How can it be ‘Final’ Fantasy if there are 15/16 of them?”. Let’s solve this once and for all by establishing that each game is it’s own universe and have a mass event game in which, somehow, all universes cross into one another. It would be a massive undertaking but I think fans would go crazy over it.
    What do you guys think?

    • Billy Bob

      Whoa that does sound crazy, like all the characters have to fight together to destroy some common evil. But that almost sounds impossible to fit screen time for each of the characters though unless it was a ridiculously long-ass game or you only had very limtied characters from some of the games.

  • Aigis Noir

    If Final Fantasy VII is a masterpeice why remake it? Square would change something or maybe update the battle system and add DLC crap. Leave it as it is you can’t remake a masterpiece.

    • Ted Edwards

      Uhhh dude, have you not seen what the game looks like, go look up a PS1 screenshot of Final Fantasy VII, maybe you’ve forgotten since its been so long but the game looks like SHIT. Back then we all thought it looked good for the time period but nowdays I dont wanna have to go replay the PS1 version and put up with the terrible, zoomed out display of FF VII, when Square could easily devote time and make an HD, more realistic version of FF VII and needs to be remade in the style of today’s recent FF games, three-dimensional characters and setting in full HD, make it look like Advent Children, keep Storyline events untouched and untampered, just re-do the graphics and add some PS network Trophie/X box achivements, to make the game even more fun to play, and afterwards maybe even make a Final Fantasy VII-2 finally, to take place after Advent and after Dirge of Cerberus, continue the story finally, since after all, Sephiroth is still not dead

  • bwolf7

    i think a remake should be done is what the real fans of the FF need. i would also buy any console necessary, i most likely buy two copies since the one i bought of the original is so scratch after playing the game through four times, i wish i would had bought an extra copy then. the game should be just as the original with better graphics and maybe include more of FF crisis core that also explains lots and you would have a huge hit.

  • Matthew Coles

    Man, I hope they remake this . . . and if they do, I hope they use good ol’ original Cloud Strife’s personality. He had a sense of humor and a few funny quips here and there. He was just so a bit more likable then Cloud from Advant Children, after the Sephiroth indecent.

  • eric

    we need a turn based RPG on next gen console

  • FF FAN

    One simple thing to fix the problem is the devoted fans to love any new FF that comes out to the max and they will get their 7.


  • Math

    Fantasising about a remake, prequel and sequels of FF7 makes me happy!
    They should do something like they did with MGS, exploring the story in every single aspect, but maintaining same game play, same story line, developing just some aspects like limits, summons, materias, villages, ect… like some of you already said…

    It’s 10 years I don’t play videogames, but I’d buy any console to play FF7, just like David said.

  • ff fan

    If you remake final fantasy 7. CHANGE NOTHING BUT THE GRAPHICS not even the cut scenes. I don’t know how they are going to do it without messing it up.

    • Ted Edwards

      Well, we’ve seen Final Fantasy VII characters and settings presented in a modern, 3D high def in the movie Advent Children, So basically the game’s events and battles and storyline will be same but everything will look like it did in Advent Children, modernized and realistic, just like the recent Square Enix games that have come out on PS3/360

  • Mr M.

    Is it me, or ever since they became Square Enix, the quality of games has just dropped? Remember Xenogears (which some, including myself, might argue is as good as FF7) and Vagrant Story?

  • Wyatt Kempton

    I’ve seen a couple comments on here talking about the overhead camera and missing items and such. Well look at Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360 it’s got an open world type system going and there is an overhead camera and as you explore different areas the camera angle is changed so why couldn’t Square Enix do that?

  • Cloud

    Good, make a remake, that’s my condition to buy PS4

  • Rawrgna

    God no! Don’t do it Square soft! DX Worse case scenerio you’ll ruin the FF series in it’s entirety!! Let 7 finally sleep!

  • Adjacentred51

    I understand the pressure they’re under. This would have to be a masterpiece. I have some other thoughts I’ll post here later.

  • I want ff7/8!

    unfortunately its been released that final fantasy x and x-2 are being remade for the ps4, no word yet of ff7

  • FF-fanboy

    Square enix are just waiting, the reason they remade kindom hearts for ps3 and are re-doing final fantasy x is because there last couple of games have been bad. There profit margins are down so they re-make an old game because they know there fans love em and will buy them increasing there profit margins, the reason they haven’t done a final fantasy vll remake is because there waiting till they almost completely destroy the franchise and there fall back plan will be to make a ffvll remake. Btw is there going to be another dirge of Cerberus because they’ve left that open for another game

  • letranger

    Everyday, I am listening MP3 songs of FF7. I am in this way since 1997 … I’ve broken all my games and console after finishing up FF7.

    I am currently listening Tifas Theme, Anxious Heart, Makou Reactor song, and waiting alone with a bad mood and sadness, checking everyday any articles speaking about remake of FF7 coming soon …

    waiting and waiting, day after day, waiting this day when my dream will become reality …

  • william wilkinson

    If its simply going off of the tweet and not some rumor in japan. Then its most likely talking about Final Fantasy versus XIII AKA Final Fantasy XV. Look it up on youtube.

  • Mark Gauthier

    this game is about the only thing that would actually make me but a ps4

  • Wesker

    The “big” new game is probably final fantasy 15

  • Ron

    I’m excited at the idea. Square, if you’re listening, don’t change ANYTHING except update the graphics. That’s all we want.
    Having said that… I’d be willing to bet $20 that they make it possible to ressurect Aeris in this version. I just can’t see this being a direct remake without someone on the creative staff thinking it would be a good idea to add some type of unexpected “OMG” moment or secret.

  • Nicholas Effendi

    FF7 was the only game i completed – the rest of the FF franchise i got bored midway, with the constant grind, leveling – Yes FFX was great only because I Spent countless hours on “blitzball”

  • chris d howard

    A remake would be so nice simple two upgrade the graphics add voices (advet children voices would work) and the only change really would be giveing the option to players to make it atb or a more modern fill with the kingdom hearts fighting style and then u just makre it so they change charaters in the gamr mid fight even given the players who love atb what they want while introduceing a younger crowed o and dont say people wont pay for it everyone would love it

  • Ben-Strife

    Rite I have just been reading some of the comments below—–& and I am a final fantasy god!!!! So listen when I speak. I have platinumd every ff game starting from 7 & upwards I haven’t bothered to do 10 & 10-2 because they brought the hd remake out too late for my liking but I got the ultimate files on my ps2 memory cards—–so that doesent bother me!! I think 13 & 13-2 are amazing—-but there too short!!! Rite on the subject on ff7 remake!!!!! This has got to be DONE!!!–weather it’s FF7-2 or an actuall remake of the best GOD damn game I have EVER played!!! SQUARE you need to STOP fucking around & REMAKE 7-8-10&12 for the ps4. Imagine OMNISLASH & LIONHART & BLITZACE on ps4 REMADE. You would make billions over nite on there release. YOU NEED TO STOP Trying to make new ones & start them all over again for the ps4. Rant over. Thank you for your time—yours faithfully BEN-SYKES. Aka Final-Fantasy-GOD

  • PrincePoP

    I don’t know if they will ever exceed the magic FFVII brought us, I do applaud their efforts and attitude to want to exceed it. No one should rest on past laurels, I agree. However, for now FFVII will be the pinnacle if Square never succeed in surpassing it; unless they do so with a future title played by a large enough generation of FF fans that never played VII when it was originally released. Like most fans I still keep a copy of FFVII. That’s what a great game makes you do, you don’t trade it in, loan it out and forget it about, you hold on to it because you recognize it’s a masterpiece. No matter what music M.J. made before and after Thriller, that album/CD was his masterpiece. And that is why it’s hard for Square, they already painted their masterpiece with FFVII. If they never do a remake – well, I still have my original copy and memories.

  • Andreas Ruliffank

    i hope u guys make any final fantasy games for VITA

  • Tommy Strife

    If I may make a suggestion, if square could make a game depicting the war between jenova and the ancients to start the game, then have jenova and an ancient survivor (other than aeris) found somewhere in the future by shinra inc, the scientist do tests on both the ancient and jenova but jenovas dna has mixed with the ancients dna via battle wounds therefore jenova is confused as an ancient itself, shinra scientists manage to wake the ancient and witness the power it controls, spawning the soldier concept, shinra terminate the ancient thinking jenova is the last of the race and use its cells on there own army, story could be based on the ancient as the main character, perhaps a terrible idea on my half but unless i missed something the ancients battle against jenova was never really explained, i haven’t played ALL the games so my apologies if like im talkin stupid

    oh and obviously I want the inclusion of the characters of the original main story, and iv also taken a shine to genesis rhapsody :D

  • Noremac

    If they did make a remake and did redo the controls, I would not object to the Tales series (ex. Tales of Vesperia) style of controls. But personally I would be fine with the classic turntable style that we know and love.

  • tag

    Yo fans im going to surpass this tramandous title that im coming up so far i gotta keep it low profile it’s that so extremely that critical im putting something with it and it’s the best way to
    exceed final fantasy 7 remake it’s something way new.

  • mike kennedy

    i would buy the console solely for the game itself lol. 12 files on original with 1000hrs+ on all

    • Billy Bob

      I haven’t bought a ps4 yet because I don’t see any games worth buying one for, but a ff7 remake, i would definitely buy one.

      I hope Sony reads this and pesters Sqaure Enix to make the remake happen.

  • mike k

    i have watched countless videos and had plenty of discussions about this topic. The company has gone downhill over the years. They wonder why the new games dont sell as well? The answer is they are being less creative, more profit than quality based,and they dont back their games like they used to.. WANT TO KNOW WHY FF7 WAS SO POPULAR? Good graphics (for the time), great story line, plenty of sidequests to do, Amazing characters and it was advertised everywhere!!!!

  • Kat

    I wish final fantasy 7 would come out. Stop teasing us. And remake the game. It will hit an all time high in sells. Everyone wants to see it look better. We need this game remake along with a remake of 8

  • Derrick Wall

    How about that FF6

  • Shane Ryan Polsfoot

    This is Sony’s opportunity to win the new console war, squares opportunity to bring back their company. It’s a chance for the gaming industry to finally see what a real video game is again, and maybe once again start making games with a soul. It’s a no brainer win win win situation.

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  • Rika Star

    I wish they would remake all of the old Final Fantasy games, or at least put them into a format that can allow us to play them on the PS3 and PS4 units. I want to play all of them all over again!

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  • Sephiroth216

    Dave Hamilton Brown is right..It is JUST THAT GOOD. Square knows that if they were to put out a next gen FF7, That’s it. Game Over. Any system that this would come out on would win the console wars..period.

  • Robert Steckroth

    Yep, gotta have that one re-made!

  • dan

    i used to be a massive fan of the series but ever since 13 i have lost intrest, the turn based system was key to all of the early games. when they changed that it turned the game into a big movie…. if square has any hope of keeping loyal fans they need to keep the playstyle the same.
    you can only warp something good so much before it turns into crap. having said this ill still try 15,maybe just maybe itl be worth it…. i miss games like ff7

  • Matthew Atkinson

    EVERYONE remembers the tease they gave for the tech demo of Final Fantasy VII and what an ovation they got just for doing the opening cutscene, if only they had followed through. They have continually said they’ll “remake” if one of the newer FF’s can top VII, let’s face it NONE of the current ten FF’s have even come close to VII yet alone X. If we want it redone to todays standards then i say that will be an achievement in itself, an article i read a few week ago from ff 7’s original creator he states and i quote: “he does not want square-enix to have anything to do with it if it does decide to be remade”. Ever since Sqauresoft merged with Microsoft and became Sqaure-Enix everything after FFX have been complete disasters. Don’t slate A Realm Reborn because it’s actually really good on pc or ps4, but FF 15 due for release late 14 / early to mid 15 will see the shareholders take their money and have square-enix file for bankruptcy. No matter how hard we try i can’t see VII showing it’s pretty damn amazing face anytime in the next 10 years and if it does kudos to the original team for finally banging there heads together to get it done. I’d be happy if they re-released Crisis Core in HD on ps3 / ps4 via the playstation store, or even if they made FF VII to the Crisis Core / FF X HD graphical capabilities i’d be just fine with that, but for a full on FFVII on next / current gen would be every FF VII fans dream but when you think of todays society and 10 year old kids playing games like battlefield, cod and gta there’s no room for RPG’s. they are few and far between. i’ll keep my fingers crossed but like one guy said if they tease us just ONCE more about VII then they might as well all get divorced and sell their homes etc, the fans will not let them get away with it

  • Kyokai

    Its a travesty this still hasn’t been made. I refuse to buy any new consoles but I would break that promise for ff7 without a second thought. A remake would just be a money printing machine for them is blows my mind that they won’t do it.

  • Billy Bob

    Holy shit now they got me all excited and it better not be over nothing. They could make so much money from this and no one will complain about if it’s that good as it’s being hyped up to be.

  • John Lasher

    They have made quite a few Final Fantasy games better then FF7 already, so that quote is bogus.

  • Young Prince

    Well i am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise all together and i like all their games. 7, yes, was the best but i like that they change through every game so you can get a feel and form a bond with many different characters. 13 wasnt bad, i personally enjoyed it. 13-2 was a little too easy for me but it was okay. and im completely ecstatic for final fantasy 15. you people that have the first final fantasy game dont realize you actually have the third. the first final fantasy was only available in japan and they were not planning on continuing it. back then the company was going bankrupt so they made final fantasy as their actual last and final game, but it got so much revenue that the company jumped back up to its feent and continued the game franchise but never had a set storyline. but im okay with that because that means that final fantasy doesnt ever have to end. thats what im happy about. I dont care if any of you dont like the new final fantasy games because i enjoy them all and i personally never want it to end.

  • dfgsdf

    Let me just say I’d buy the PS4 for this game. It should’ve been a launch title.

  • J-R-P-G

    I am also a fan of ff series back when it was squaresoft and square enix but lets face it final fantasy is not what it use to all about graphics but that’s what it all about these day square needs to go back to when the games was great with turn based gameplay with a new way of play a stationary position system that’s what fans love and want.also we are the ones that put money in there pockets but if they keep putting crap game pockets are starting to look low.stop making complicated battle system and stop making the battle free roam.also come out with new games new stories, sequials stop making HD remakes its the same game we all played your company is going to die if you keep this up,but what would I know,we know just dumb gamers we just play the games do yall evan play anymore if you did you would see new titles do us a favor make great turn based rpgs and put money back in your pockets.

  • Zachary PoeticGenius Brooks

    Reading all these comments, I gotta know am I the only one that thought 8, 9, 10 (not 10-2 screw that) and 12 were all solid titles? I will give credit where it’s due with FF7 it is an awesome game and 7-10 years ago I would say it was the best JRPG (DQ8 and a few newer games as well wer better imo). Just don’t get your hopes up for a remake I’d rather SQ put all the effort it would take to make that remake and put it all into the development of 15 (I’m hoping that after the extreme failure of all the FF13 games SQ will pull their heads out of their nether regions and seek redemption through 15).

  • Frank Doomrider Johansen

    FUCK REMAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone that demands one for FF VII aren’t true fans! It is IMPOSSIBLE to live up to the original !! All it would do is fuck with our nostalgia. Fuckin graphic WHORES!!!

  • Frank Doomrider Johansen

    BULLSHIT!!!!!! FF XIII is a TRILOGY!!! planned from the get go… FF BII is a STAND ALONE GAME!!!!! They needed 3 games to even try to come close to the epicness of FF VII and still they couldn’t do it.

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  • Julius

    This has the potential of being something really special and unique, but the original is so great that there are certain things that they just can’talter or get rid of. Everything from the original should be included in some fashion and in pretty much the same way, story,soundtrack, characters, people want a remake not a completly new game, but they can definately add more to the original recipe to make it greater. I understand them wanting to change the turn based battle system and make it something new, which is a gamble but it could work if it’s done right. However they must maintain the Materia system. Even though it would obviously be differn’t in a none-turn-based battle system, materia was an essential element in the original and must remain in all of it’s various types (spell,command,support,independent, and summon) and all of the spells included with the addition of any new ones.

    The optional WEAPON boss battle have to return and be as challenging as they were (Ultimate,Ruby, Emerald Weapon) they CANNOT be made easier only harder and I’d like to see additional optional WEAPON boss battles hidden in the game (Saphire, Onyx,Gold,Silver are possible new weapons). Those battle were really fun and challenging, more challenging then Sephiroth and I’d like to see them return even without a turn based battle system I’m sure they can find a way to make them fun and difficult. I also look forward to seeing the Turk battles, They’re great characters who I’d like to see fleshed out more. I liked the optional battle with the at the end of the game where Elena chose to fight if you accepted. I’d like to see Tsueng have a bigger role since he seemed like an important character but you never interact with him like the other Turks.

    I also want the Gold saucer to have more mini games this time. I liked the Gold Saucer alot but was dissapointed that there were only a few mini games, theres alot of potential there and they should include alot more. Even if they included an oldschool arcade section with real retro games like Pakman and Centipede, in addition to FF7 origianl games would be great they should definately take some time and invest some creativity into the Arcade at the Gold Saucer since you can go back there alot.

    Above all else is the Battle arena and the Chocobo races. Definately make the battle arena awesome, I loved trying to get through every battle hoping that I wouldn’t get a crummy slot machine handicap that would make it impossible to win, I had to keep playing to get the re-raise materia or whatever the rare prize was I wanted, alot of fun. The Chocobo races and Chocobo catching/breeding must come back. I loved trying to catch the best chocobos in the wild and then racing them untill their stamina was maxed out so I could breed a blue,green,black or Gold Chocobo, and then using that chocobo to get rare materia or items, it just adds alot of fun they’re mini-quests themselves and perhaps the caves holding the special rare items/materia could have some type of boss or materia that wasnt included, there’s alot they developers could add to the adventure.

    All the character were great and with better graphics it will be easier to delve deeper into the personalitys of both the heros and the villians like Hojo and the Turks who also have unique personas to explore.

    Limet breaks must return too, obviously differn’t if the game is not turn based but everyone loved them and they should make a come back.Not only a comeback but every one from the original included aswell as new and improved ones, I know it can be done it’s just a matter of having the right people,talent ,and not rushing it but making sure that everything is done right.

    I was also thinking there’s an opprotunity to change Vincents limet break in a way that’s cool, turn into a monster and control him some how. I always liked that he could transform but I felt limeted by the fact he only had 2 attacks. I think there’s alot of potential for him to become a monster with crazy strength I think that’d be alot of fun.
    Seriously to do it the right way is to be thoro, make sure to include everything if possible and imporve upon it when you can, don’t stray too far from the original but don’t miss any chances to make things better.
    I was also thinking that you could make the game longer than just where it ended in FF7. There’s the whole Advent Chidlren story to use as inspiration for maybe an afterstory part and possible FF7 sequel game afterwords.
    I also don’t think it’d be a bad idea to have an alternate ending where Aeris doesn’t die. I’m not saying that they should alter the story dramatically, just that i don’t think it ruin everything to have an option where you save her. I think there should be a challenge or something extra you have to do in order to save her but alot of players like her because she’s the only healing character in the group and keeping her would make alot of people happy and not neccessarily effect the story in a terrible way. Or maybe you can save her then and then she gets killed later in a differn’t way, maybe sacrificing herself so not to mess up the FF7 timeline but you still have her untill the end of the game instead of loosing her with half the game to play.If anything maybe put it to a vote.

    I really look forward to the FF7 remake like alot of people do, that’s why it’s important they get it right and not destroy something good. I just wanted to share my opinion because it’s important to me and I want to help any way I can.FF7 Is one of my favorite I love that game I want to see more!

  • tag

    All episodes are before crisis crisis core last order ff7 and dirge cerburus.