Favorite Square Enix Title! Lee Soon-kyu Picks Final Fantasy Tactics: TWOTL


Next up is I, Lee Soon-kyu, to tell you why Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is my favorite Square Enix title. Down below we’ll go through my personal experience, why it’s my favorite, and what I expect to see from Square Enix in the future!

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lionsfinal fantasy tactics square enix

First Experience.

Now I will be one of the first ones to say that I’m really not a fan of tactic style games like Disgaea or the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the gameboy.  The gameplay just isn’t my style and I usually find no interest in playing it. That was until my friend introduced me to The War of the Lions. From there on he and I sat there training our team for weeks preparing for some of the ridiculous hard battles in the multiplayer mode. My team was made up of only monks, which by the way are over powered, all wearing really rare items and had as perfect stats as I could obtain for them. Needless to say we pretty much destroyed the hard quests and missions the game had, with the exception for the all stars battle, we had beaten it but it came at a price. Overall I was really surprised at how addicted I was to this game, it baffled me.

Why It’s My Favorite?

Not only is this game my favorite Square Enix title, it takes the spot of favorite PSP title with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep falling closely behind it. The reason being why Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions is my favorite is the story. The setting takes place in world of Ivalice, a place where war and dirty politics have ensued. The main character Ramza, son of the late King and brother to new King, is dragged into an adventure to stop his brother, the church, and the whole government from unleashing hell into the world of Ivalice. One of the reasons why this story is so great is the integration and inner workings of politics with twists and turns and epic battles. Also a cast of unforgettable characters like the vengeful Delita and the knightly Agrias. I say if you haven’t played this game yet, you should soon because in my opinion it’s a definite must play.

What I Expect To See From Square Enix.

What I really want from Square is another game that has this great of a storyline. When I can have no interest the type of gameplay yet still put endless hours into the game just to live through the story then you know the story has to be good. I just hope Square Enix can remember back to when they were writing it and be inspired to make a story like this.

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  • khmasterx

    personally the tactics series is my favorite

    • Lee Soon-kyu

      I agree, the story for Tactics was just great