Dragon Quest X Coming To Mobile This Winter


Square Enix confirmed that they are partnering up with Ubitus to release Dragon Quest X in Japan on the mobile platform this winter. Earlier this year we announced that Dragon Quest X was confirmed for the PC but it’s apparent now that the game is popular enough to be released on the mobile. Square Enix Origin has more on the news.

Dragon Quest X Coming To Mobile This Winter

dragon quest x

Ubitus’ gamecloud streaming service will allow players to play the game on IOS and Android¬†using either their device’s touchscreen or a Bluetooth-enabled controller. Now, we do know that this is only for Japan but Square Enix has been rumored to be considering releasing Dragon Quest X to North America¬†on the PC, Wii, and Wii U, so if they do end up going that route, North America would likely also be receiving a mobile version. We will keep you updated but check out the PC trailer of Dragon Quest X and tell us what you think!



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