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Hitman SE at PAX East '14

Square Enix brought out three upcoming games to PAX East 2014 this weekend, Hitman GO, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Nosgoth.  All three have been mentioned in previous articles, and they’ll be linked throughout for your…

Latest Karl_Stewart_-_from_Making_of_Turning_Point

Karl Stewart who is Square Enix’s vice president of strategic marketing for Europe and North America is leaving the company after eight years. Stewart is also the Global Brand Director of Crystal Dynamics and before that he was the…

Deus Ex DeusEx-TheFall-iPad

The stealth and action game Deus Ex The Fall was originally confirmed to be released on March 25th but it appears Square Enix had a change of heart and decided to move the date down..…

Latest t4w3

Sony has announced that Thief for the Playstation 4 ranked in the top three best selling digital download titles in the Playstation Network division in February. The game has been heavily criticized with many calling…

Deus Ex big sales article

Classic games under the Square Enix brand (and others) are becoming even more accessible!  Both PSN and the AppStore are featuring slashed prices on Square Enix games such as Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Deus Ex franchises,…

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