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The new hitman game is Hitman GO is the newly announced mobile game from from Square Enix Montreal.  So, not only is there a console/PC Hitman game in the works; but with this announcement, there…

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Smartphone users, the wait has ended!  Final Fantasy VI is no longer solely for iOS devices.  Square Enix has uploaded two videos (one each in English and Japanese) today on its Japanese language YouTube channel…

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Bloodmasque is the next IOS Game in line to have another awesome deal and get this: it’s free for a limited time starting today! Jeez, Square Enix is on a roll with their games on…

Deus Ex 1209_dxu_EUtm

Square Enix Europe has just registered and trademarked Deus Ex Universe on September 10th, 2013, which could a next generation console game. Deus Ex has been becoming more popular fan wise and with an announcement earlier…

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